3D Timeshock Pro Pinball (by Lemon Quest)

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Immerse yourself in the most frenzied pinball game for mobile
telephones, the sequel to the fascinating game, Pro Pinball Big Race
USA. This time around a scientist has mistakenly broken a precious time
crystal which has created a highly destructive disturbance in time that
you now have to fix. To do it, you will have to travel in time from the
present to the past and to future, including the Middle Ages and
Ancient Rome.

Your objective is to recuperate the eight different pieces of the
crystal that have been scattered throughout time and then return to the
dawn of time to restore the natural order of the universe. With a
stunning 3D graphics engine, this new game emulates the classic pinball
machines to perfection, recreating the physics of the ball to make its
behavior incredibly lifelike. In its entirety Time Shock is an
extremely impressive game that will take your breath away the first
time you play.

* Travel through time: past, present, future, and even the Middle Ages, Ancient Rome and prehistoric times.
* The ball behaves in a very realistic manner, simulating perfectly a
real ball in a pinball machine, moving and sliding about the table with
* Quick and easy controls that are appropriate for all types of players
* Attractive, well designed graphics that vary according to the plot,
changing along with the different locations and scenarios.
* Available in 3D, which will provide you with an incredible experience
that will take your mobile’s phones technical capacities to the limit.

Name: 3D Timeshock Pro Pinball
Vendor: Lemon Quest
Language: English

128x160 (6111)
176x208 (3250)
208x208 (6230)
240x320 (6300)