Tekken Mobile (by Namco)

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Tekken Mobile Bluetooth

Tekken Mobile brings a hard battle and icons of the
characters from Tekken games consoles to your mobile.Featuring an unprecedented level of pure feeling of fighting . Make your way up to become the King of the Tournament of the Iron Fist.

Unlock characters and extra clothes, in addition to
competing with your friends in a VS mode.Enter a new tournament and prove you can be the best!Completing the Story or Arcade modes will unlock additional game
modes like Tekken Force Mode or Custom (Custom mode).Gold coins can be used to buy custom clothing, these coins are won by making a high score in competitive modes.

Release date : OUT!

Download / ИзтеглИ: 

> 128x128 (K300) 
> 128x160 (K500) 
> 176x220 (K750) 
> 176x220 (W810)
240x320 (K800)Mirror


> 128x128 (3220) 
> 128x160 (S40V2) 
> 176x208 (3250) 
> 176x208 (N70) 
> 240x320 (N95) 
> 320x240 (E71)