Assassin's Creed 2 HD (by Gameloft)

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An epic and intriguing new story of power, revenge, and conspiracy set in the Italian Renaissance.Renaissance Italy, 1486. Ezio, the son of Florentine nobles, seeks
vengeance for his family name that has been tainted by the powerful and
corrupted families of

- Play as Ezio, a new assassin! Strike with deadly, acrobatic moves & attacks
- 8 missions with various objectives: Kill targets, escape, and rescue friends & civilians
- Varied gameplay: Free run through cities and fly high in speed levels
- Explore the beautiful cities of Venice, Florence and Rome in Renaissance Italy
- A deadly arsenal: Sword, knife, lance, bow and hook
- Find red souls to recover life. Collect green souls extend your maximum life

Regular controls details

4, 6: Move left or right
1, 2, 3: Jump
2, 8: Move up or down
5: Attack
0: Block
Right soft key: Change weapon

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