Aqua World (by Shamrock Games)

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In the deepest part of the sea lived a community of creatures ruled by
a king and his five sons. The king's new wife made an evil plan to
imprison the princes far away. You, the younger prince, must escape and
begin an adventurous journey all around the sea to find your brothers
and set them free.

I liked the game from the moment I first saw it. It has nice graphics,
and a sympathetic ball that you move and some beautiful sea inspired
backgrounds. Sadly, once you stay playing it for some hours or even
some minutes, it becomes a little repetitive. The menu is nice, the
deep sea themes are very colorful and it reminded me for an instant of "De Blob" by THQ Wireless,
because of all its color and design. There is sound only in the menu,
but not during the game itself; not even sound effects when you win or
so. The graphics though are great, full of color and animations too.
The only thing I didn't like was all the coins and other graphics that
tends to confuse you.

Your objective in the game is to break all the color pieces; for that
you have "Ball Painters" that "paint" you in the color you need to
break the different squares. Once you start the game, you can choose a
difficulty level. I started with easy and.. well, it was easy. But the
features change when you set a different difficulty. I found it very
entertaining despite the lack of sound effects. After all, it's just a
simple casual game and I'm sure it would make a boring moment pass
faster if you played it with some of your favorite music in the

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