MeBoy / Gameboy Emulator (Application)

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MeBoy is a Gameboy Colour emulator for mobile phones. It only works
on phones with support for Java Micro Edition, specifically MIDP 2.0.
The speed depends on the processor inside your phone, which may or may
not be fast enough
Step by step tutorial on installing MeBoy:
1. Make sure you have Java installed on your computer, version 1.5 or later.
2. Download MeBoyBuilder.jar (file attached below). If you are
presented with a choice, make sure you select “Save”/”Save to disk”,
not “Open”/”Open with Java…”.
3. Internet
Explorer users only: IE has a weird habit of renaming the file to a
“.zip” file, resulting in a compressed folder containing “.class”
files. If this happens, change the name to MeBoyBuilder.jar and youshould be able to run it as a Java program.
4. Run MeBoyBuilder.jar by double-clicking.
5. Press the “Add ROM” and select a ROM file. Repeat for all games you want to add.
6. Press the “Finish” button. The file MeBoy.jar is created for you (in the same directory as MeBoyBuilder.jar).
7. Copy MeBoy.jar to your phone.
Compatible Devices
Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z550i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony
Ericsson W800i Sony Ericsson w810i Sony Ericsson W550i Sony Ericsson
W300i Sony Ericsson w200i Sony Ericsson k700i Sony Ericsson K750i Sony
Ericsson k510i
Nokia 6300 Nokia 5300 nokia 5200 LG LX550
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Download :

Download MeBoyBuilder HERE

MeBoy с вградени няколко класически игрички
(Super Mario , Street Fighter , Zelda , DukeNukem , Rayman 2)