Empire Fighter 3D (by Shamrock Games)

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Your empire has been surprise attacked by an enemy state. An armada of enemy fighting machines have filled the airspace above the empire and are keeping the whole population in check day and night. Your weapon is the most modern fighter
jet. You must prove that you have a good command of your pursuit plane.
Only then can you have the opportunity to acquire new engines as well
as new weapon and protective systems. Fight back against the intruders
and punish them!

- Amazing 3D graphics with fascinating landscapes (green meadows,
canyons, a flooded city, boundless glacial valleys and an active
- Thrilling action story accompanied with briefings; unique animations
of weapon shooting; 4 levels of difficulty (beginner, cadet, pilot,
- 12 levels of vehement air fights with an armada of enemy fighting
machines including 2 dynamic minigames (avoidance of colliding with the
debris and flying the badly damaged pursuit plane); different
strategies can be applied;
- The player has an opportunity to acquire new engines (field engine
modification, new generation improved engine, high-performance engine
with thrust vector steering, engine prototype) as well as new weapon
and protective systems (twin machine gun, three-barrelled gun, plasma
weapon, blaster cannon; 3 laser weapons modifications; 3 Tesla defense
weapons types);
- 16 types of enemy tactical aircrafts with different weapon systems
(cannons, smart ammunition, self-guided missiles) plus three gigantic
enemy fighting machines with unique armament (laser weapons, pulsars,
gravitational weapons);
- Easy to learn controls

Release Date : Out!

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240x320 (C702) : upwap.RU | Mediafire
240x320 (K800) : upwap.RU | Mediafire
176x220 (W810) : upwap.RU | Mediafire
176x220 (K750) : upwap.RU | Mediafire
128x160 (K500) : upwap.RU | Mediafire
128x128 (K300) : upwap.RU | Mediafire

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