KEmulator - Play Java Games on Your PC

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KEmulator is a Windows program that allows PC users to run mobile Java games and applications on their computers. It accomplishes this by emulating mobile operating systems. KEmulator can be very useful for testing out new Java applications on a computer before making the decision to install them on a mobile phone. 

KEmulator is both easy to use and extremely versatile. It can emulate several different types of mobile phones, including LG, Nokia, Samsung and many others. For almost every kind of J2ME program, KEmulator supports the APIs. 

After loading the application, users will have the choice of controlling KEmulator with either an on-screen keyboard or with their physical keyboard. Users will enjoy the ability to view graphics at any size by enabling pixel interpolation. Even games that are very demanding can still run on KEmulator due to its excellent compatibility. It supports both 2D and 3D graphics engines. Java programmers will be happy to learn about the option to capture video. This feature allows users to save program sequences as AVI files. One thing users should be aware of, however, is that before you are able to use KEmulator, you must install JRE on your computer. JRE stands for Java Runtime Enviornment. 
Excellent performance 
Several different graphics options 
Great compatibility 
Can capture image and video