Jimmy Two Shoes (by GlobalFun)

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Jimmy Two Shoes is an irrepressible, thrill-seeking optimist, who finds himself in a place called Miseryville -- the most miserable place on Earth run by megalomaniacal chief executive, Lucius Heinous the Seventh! Follow Jimmy’s adventure by guiding him through various locations throughout Miseryville, completing objectives, playing mini-games and interacting with inhabitants in four fun-filled episodes. Along with his best friends, Heloise (part-time genius, full-time soul-crusher) and Beezy (lover of adventure, once you get him off the couch) Jimmy spreads his infectious optimism throughout Miseryville!

- Based on the popular animated series
- Fun and loveable characters
- 4 hilarious episodes in 1 game
- Multiple challenging mini-games
- Unlockable bonuses via online codes
- Designed in close co-operation with GlobalFun

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