X Invasion (v2 1.0)

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          X INVASION 2 1.0 X INVASION 2 1.0

We thought that they came in peace and bring us the knowledge and salvation. We were wrong. Aliens invaded the San Francisco and you - the last bastion of protection of humanity. It is difficult to learn, but be brave and persevere! X Invasion 2 brings combat flight simulation genre with photorealistic graphics, intense gameplay, an epic storyline and intuitive controls. Based on technology TruView, X Invasion 2 allows you to manage in the present three-dimensional space with an area of more than 10 000 square miles, photo-realistic and geographically accurately represents Bay Area in San Francisco. In X Invasion 2, three game modes: Campaign mode consists of more than 16 unique missions that take you on an epic journey from student flight recruit for missions Improve your flying skills to the unique tricks, such as air "American mountains", following a leading, tracking cargo, bombing. Arcade mode: How long can I survive the attack against the alien invaders? Use your weapons wisely, look poverapy and beat the enemy that there is strength! Mode tour. Have you ever wanted to take a helicopter tour of San Francisco? In Tour mode, you can relax and explore and discover the beauty of science-fiction of the bay. You can take a picture and share it with your friends. Enjoy this one of the best flight simulator! 


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