True Grit (by ZED Mobile)

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True Grit is based on the forthcoming Coen brothers (O Brother Where Art Thou?/Fargo/Burn After Reading) remake of the 1969 western starring John Wayne and Glenn Campbell.

After her father is murdered by Tom Chaney, a hired hand on their farm, Mattie sets out to track down Chaney and avenge her father’s death. To aid her in this odyssey she hires aged, alcoholic, US Marshal “Rooster” Cogburn and is also aided by a young Texas Ranger La Boeuf who is seeking to bring in Chaney for the murder of a senator in Texas.

True Grit the mobile game provides players with a compelling story arc, colourful, yet powerful characters and a classic western setting. It’s realisation as an ‘open world’ action/adventure game but following a linear story line makes it the closest to Red Dead Redemption on a mobile!

Key Features
Captures the movies spirit of adventure
Utilize three characters and their unique abilities
Mixes exploration, action and adventure game-play
On foot and horseback combat
Awesome isometric art style
Includes three set piece action mini-games

UniFM (Application)

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UniFM stands for the "Unified File Manager" for mobile phones which support file system access from Java. It allows to view, copy, move and delete files and folders in your phone.

The key feature of UniFM in comparison with other file managers is modular structure. That is, users can define what functionality do they need, and select components which will be included into the program according to their requirements. The minimum set - only the file kernel performing basic operations with files and folders. The maximum configuration is limited by nothing (only by phone resources, actually). For instance, this version includes a standard "gentleman's set" of modules for viewing pictures and videos, music playback and text editing.

The unique system of interoperation with archives is implemented in UniFM, also on a modular basis. It means that theoretically support for any types of archives can be added into the program, and for users those will look the same way as ordinary folders in the file system do. In is possible to perform usual copyings, movings, renamings and removals of files within archives, viewing and editing of texts, music playback and etc. Besides, nested archives are supported. Possibilities, again, are limited only by phone resources.

Technically UniFM is the further development of SieFM (Siemens File Manager) project and hence inherits many of it's features. The main functions of the program are listed below:

There is a possibility of deleting read-only files, viewing of hidden folders, recursive removal of folders. The program has the multiwindow interface - up to 10 windows between which it is possible to switch. File viewers are launched in the same windows, so that it is possible to start a player in one window, switch to another and carry on.

The image viewing module supports all graphics formats recognised by phone, and viewing of vector animations in MVI format (file format of program VIArt) is supported. Similarly, the audioplayer except playback of the files which are played back by certain phone, supports playback of music in tracker formats MOD (ProTracker), XM (FastTracker 2) and S3M (ScreamTracker).

Text viewing and editing is possible in Unicode encoding in formats UTF-8 and UTF-16, and also in all most often used one-byte encodings (CP1251, CP866, KOI-8). Text is shown from the position on which it was quitted last time, quick transition to any position and resizing of font are possible. The text editor supports undoing of changes brought in the text, search and replacement of fragments of the text, conversion of texts from one encoding in another.

Types of files supported by this version:
Images: .jpg .jpe .gif .png .bmx .jpeg .wbmp .ico .bmp
Audio: .mid .amr .wav .aac .mp3 .imy .m4a .xmf .awb .midi .wma + .xm .mod .s3m
Video: .3gp .mp4 .m4v .wmv .rm
Text: .j .txt .jad .log .ini .inf .cdf .xml .col .java .jcc + .tmo .vcs .vnt
Archives: .rar .zip .jar .sdt .scs .nth + .gz .gzip + .pak .res

Halo 3 (by Unknown)

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No info...

Language : Russian (Translated)

Rene La Taupe : Photo Spot (by Fox Mobile)

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The game is very simple. You will be provided two images which looks identical but there are some differences and your objective is to find those differences. Use your touch screen functionality to play this game. The errors will be reported and to improve your score you need to find the differences as early as possible. The bar on the middle of the screen shows the remaining time. You need to mark the alterations. Rene La Taupe Photo Spot game is developed by Fox Mobile Group.

Language : Italian

(Supplied by @Kriker)

Monty Python's : Cow Tossing (by Zed)

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Monty Pyton’s Cow Tossing is a game that wants to riff on the well-known “French Taunter” scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What they came up with is a bad Angry Birds clone, one that suffers from poor graphics, poor controls, and poor level design. It’s just a bad game all around.
480x800 (X1)

(Supplied by @BerON)

SWAT 3 : Soldier of the Future (by Joymeng)

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No Infos...

Language : Russian (Translated)

StarSim (by Dynamic Pixels)

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All we need is love, and our Star girl is not an exception. She’s young and beautiful, sexy and crazy! She’s always in a centre of attention with a lot of admirers around her. She chats with them in social networks and has dates with the luckiest ones.  Who knows may be one of them will be her Mister Big…

Players have to guide the girl, improve her skills and help to conquer laziness and harmful habits. Besides they should keep in mind that she is a hundred-per-cent girl. It means that her head is stuffed with thoughts about love. 

Language : Russian

Fishing Off The Hook 2 (by Digital Chocolate)

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Enter again the wildest fishing competition yet! Compete against the world’s best for the biggest catch in up to 3 tournaments with 27 challenges! Cast your line in the Great Barrier Reef, Amazon, Loch Ness & more to reel in up to 28 kinds of fish, including Barracuda, Sharks & lots more! Brave a variety of tough weather and upgrade your bait & tackle to improve your luck in a quest to land the big one!

Deer Hunter 4 : African Safari (by Glu Mobile)

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Get ready for more adventures in the game: Deer Hunter: African Safari! Travel to South Africa, Cameroon and Tanzania and hunt exotic animals such as zebra, buffalo, elephants, lions and many more! Accumulate experience in the breathtaking African landscapes. Start your way from beginner and become a master of the hunt. Discover new hunting grounds and buy new equipment and weapons. Participate in multi-day hunting or select QuickPlay, where you can select one of the premium levels.

- Hunting in 3 different African countries, including South Africa, Cameroon and Tanzania.
- All new exotic big game, living in Africa: Zebra, Buffalo, Kudu, Elephant, Lion and others.
- Dangerous animals such as buffalo and lions can throw at you, if your first attempt is unsuccessful, leaving you with less time for reaction to try a second attempt.
- Switch weapons during the hunt - you can now choose between 2 different types of weapons during any hunt.
- Develop your skills: accuracy, reflexes, endurance, tracking and stealth.
- The more games the better game - open up new hunting grounds and buy new tools, weapons and skills, killing the biggest animal.
- Visit our online trophy room.


The Witcher: Crimson Trail (by Breakpoint)

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The Witcher: Crimson Trail is a fantasy role-playing game that throws players into a unique world rife with political intrigue, in which the lines between good and evil are blurred. Players take on the role of Geralt, a legendary monster slayer and master swordfighter with supernatural abilities and reflexes. With a wide range of spells and weapons at his disposal, Geralt must fight his way through hordes of creatures over 12 levels in order to prove himself worthy as a bearer of the title 'Witcher'.


Fulfil your destiny as The Witcher, renowned monster-slayerfor-hire and master swordsman with superhuman strength and reflexes. Based on the blockbuster PC game, you must battle impossible odds and complete your quest to become the greatest warrior of all time. Take on legions of monsters and mega bosses with an arsenal of weapons and spells at your fingertips. Hack and slash your way through the demonic hordes using a huge array of special moves and combos. Challenging non-linear quests allow you full freedom to carry out acts of good or evil – whatever you see fit to achieve ultimate victory.

* Stunning graphics set a new standard for mobile gaming.
* Battle through twelve huge levels and four diverse environments.
* Upgrade your magic system and customise your character for dealing out maximum monster damage.
* Deep combat with dynamic combo system and multiple weapons.
* Non-linear design lets you complete quests the way you want to.
* Three challenging game modes: Story, Replay and Arena.