Call Of Duty : Black Ops (by Glu Mobile)

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The new part of the game takes us to Vietnam. Will have to run pretty jungle and swamps, firing in the Vietnamese soldiers and dodging grenades.

Your weapon is the M16, and three grenades. The same way (as usual in games of this series) you will run a couple of your compatriots and help you destroy the enemy. Sometimes the mission will change with a simple assault, on the defensive, or even escape from captivity. You even will have to shoot at enemies from a flying helicopter. Vobschem game is quite dynamic and interesting. Not a bad graphics and sound. The game will take a worthy place in the collections of fans of the series or just let with interest to spend a couple hours.

Huge Collection Electro House Ringtones

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This collection contains 438 Electro House Ringrtones 
(.mp3) for your phone.

Winrar (Jzipman 2.0)

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Winrar viewer and compress on your 
Java enabled mobile phone.

Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore / Котки и кучета 2: Отмъщението на Кити Галор (2010)

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Във вечната битка между котки и кучета, един луд котарак взима нещата в свои лапи. Изправени пред огромна опасност, за пръв път котки и кучета ще бъдат принудени да си помагат, за да спасят както себе си, така и любимите си приятели – хората от световна катастрофа. Ще хвърчи козина!


Размер: 320x240 / 215 MB
Времетраене: 82 min.
Аудио: 96 kbps / AAC
Субтитри: Вградени


Gangstar: Miami Vindication (v1.0.0)

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Enjoy the most immersive full-3D crime simulation ever on iPhone/iPod touch! Gangstar: Miami Vindication has a new, unique feel that delivers a deep storyline of revenge: plunge into Miami gang life and live a fast-paced adventure to liberate your little brother who has been kidnapped by the Armada gang for unknown reasons…
OPTIMIZED FOR iPhone 4! High-definition graphics that fully utilize the iPhone 4 Retina display.
- A long lifespan, far beyond the typical iPhone game, with more than 75 varied missions: infiltrate gangs, snipe enemies, escort witnesses, chase cars and survive the jungle of Miami.
- An amazing reconstruction of an entire sprawling metropolis with a massive open-ended environment that recreates Miami, including Downtown, Miami Beach, The Harbor, Miami Bay, and The Swamps.
- Beware of the Miami PD! Thanks to the new improved AI, the cops will react intelligently and call for FBI reinforcements if needed.
- New amazing vehicles to drive, from regular cars & motorcycles to boats, jet skis and even a helicopter!
- Storyline missions will take you inside each of these vehicles as you race, chase and take on time trials.
- Defeat rival gang members by using a new arsenal of weapons including grenades, flame throwers and Molotov cocktails. See just how it feels to blow out Miami!

- A deep storyline of revenge: the scenario was jointly written with a scriptwriter from the popular TV show, “The Wire” and is delivered by countless breathtaking, voice acted cutscenes.
- A true feeling of freedom: complete missions at your own pace and do absolutely anything you want, by day or by night.
- Radio stations broadcast popular songs from famous hip-hop, rock and electro artists, including artists from the famous Ninja Tune label.

Guns'n'Glory (v1.2)

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Guns'n'Glory is a somewhat rare exception to that, and I really can't believe it hasn't generated more buzz in the time since its release over a week ago because it's one of the most unique tower defense games I've played in quite a while. Handy Games did a great job of combining some elements of realtime strategy with the standard tower defense formula as well as a ridiculous premise, great sprite-based graphics, and a western themed soundtrack that fits the game perfectly. On top of that, it's even universal and while I prefer it on the iPad, it's just as much fun on the iPhone.


unibytes - 15.3 MB
letitbit - 15.3 MB
turbobit - 15.3 MB
superfolder - 15.3 MB
ifolder - 15.3 MB
narod - 15.3 MB

Gangstar 3 : Miami Vindication (by Gameloft)

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Plunge into Miami gang life and live a fast-paced adventure in the streets of America’s wildest city.Gangstar: Miami Vindication features the most memorable crime story ever in a mobile game,set in hot locations across the city, indoors and out. Defeat the rival Armada gang, free your kidnapped little brother, and become the king of the city! Enjoy new amazing vehicles to drive, from regular cars & motorcycles to jet skis and even a helicopter!

* A massive open-ended environment that recreates Miami, including Downtown, Miami Beach, the Harbor.
* More than 75 varied missions: infiltrate gangs, snipe enemies, and survive the jungle of Miami.
* Race, chase and take on time trials in cars, motorcycles, a jet ski and even a helicopter.
* A true feeling of freedom: Complete missions at your own pace or do absolutely anything you want.
* Defeat rival gangsters with an arsenal of weapons including grenades, rockets and a sniper rifle!

(thanx to @Dedomil)

Metal Slug 4 Mobile (by I-play)

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Get ready for frantic arcade classic shoot em up action with the new Metal Slug Mobile 4. Play as Leona or Roberto and fights against fierce hordes of enemies. Thanks to powerful weapons such as the rocket launcher and flame thrower, blow up and torch everything in sight to defeat the enemy. 


De Blob (by THQ Wireless)

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The I.N.K.T. Corporation has declared "Colour is a Crime"! Only our unlikely hero de Blob can defeat the Inky soldiers that have leeched Chroma City of all its colour. Flip, bounce and smash your way to launch a color revolution and save your city!


• Casual Action-Puzzle game with a highly innovative and fresh approach.
• Accessible & addictive De Blob is for everyone!
Blob has “gelatinous” physics it bounces, resizes, rolls, changes its colour etc.
• Paint the town red…or green or blue or brown - Almost everything on the screen is paintable!
• Several game modes including Race Challenges, Combat Challenges etc.
• Varied gameplay with destructible items, narrow alleys, huge highways and water etc.
• Highly-Anticipated “de Blob” on Wii ™ and DS™ which hits the streets in the first half 2008 with THQ’s maximum marketing push creating hype around this unique title


Sven 004 (by Mobile Scope AG.)

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His mission: To bring pure happiness to all the sheep in the world. And so the highly potent ram from the north is back on Cupid's playground. But still, performing his labours of love isn't always an easy thing for Sven.


For the fourth time now, Sven has to push really hard again to satisfy each and every sheep. All new features and a lot of new fun are waiting to be discovered by the player in numerous newly designed levels.



Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock (by Glu Mobile)

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Rock's gauntlet has been thrown down - accept the challenge and transform from Rock Star to Rock Warrior in Guitar Hero™: Warriors of Rock!As Johnny Napalm, your story begins at the legendary CBGB club in New York. Master the first setlist in the all-new Career/Quest Mode and unlock "Warrior Johnny" and his special "Speed Freak" ability.Continue your quest by mastering setlists - unlocking new songs, venues and a second playable Warrior along the way - until you're ready to face The Beast in an epic battle to the finish! Or hone your chops in Practice/Training Mode where you can rehearse playing any unlocked song.Dig deep into rock opuses by bands like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, AFI, and Slash (featuring Ian Astbury) while completing a chromatic collection of Guitar Hero.The familiar gameplay of past Guitar Hero games combined with superb game controls designed to melt faces - not fingers - make Warriors of Rock a must-have for mobile gamers. The fate of Rock is in your hands!

• Match the Green, Red, and Yellow notes as they reach the nearest the fret bar. Hit complete groups of star-shaped notes to achieve "Star Power" and double your multiplier... score BIG combos by hitting 10 or more correct notes in a row. Keep an eye on the ROCK METER to see how hard you're rocking.
• Unlock "Warrior" versions of playable characters that have increased special abilities - like "Speed Freak" and "Star Power Nova" - in addition to wildly different appearances and instruments that would make even the biggest rock legends blush.
• Unlock venues in which to thrill new audiences
• A whole host of rock favorites to SHRED including tracks from The Rolling Stones, Sum 41, AFI, Slash (featuring Ian Asbury), and Aerosmith
• Earn over 16 of unique Guitar Hero Achievements such as Anthemic Archivist and Lucifer's Accountant
• Wanna be the best rocker in the world? Check the leaderboard to see just how hard you ROCK.


128x160 (6060)
176x208 (N70)
240x320 (5310)
240x320 (N73)
240x320 (N95)
240x400 (KP500)
320x240 (E71)
360x640 (N97)

Arcadius (by Handy-Games)

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 Initializing data transfer… Stardate: 3024. The Earth has been attacked by hostile individuals and has been entirely destroyed; few survivors managed to board freight ships to safety. A counterstrike was officially launched this morning and troops are already on their way to infiltrate enemy bases on the planets in the system. Spaceship fighter pilots are authorized to use any force necessary to neutralize the enemy ships. Avoid the security drones and pick up the energy sources they leave behind to upgrade your weapon systems. Navigate asteroid belts and prepare to fight for your life or to the death against the galactic invaders. End of log. System shutting down.


  • Action-packed vertical space shooter
  • 15 thrilling levels with swarms of enemies
  • Switchable laser crystals for maximum firepower
  • Tactical boss battles in the void of space
  • Arcade feel with continue coins and extra lives
  • Various bonus missions for veteran fighter pilots

  (language: Russian)


N.Y. Zombies (v1.3)

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mzl.wsrsesqb.320x480 75 N.Y.Zombies IPA 1.3 Cracked iPhone iPod Touch

There are now over 1.4 million people addicted to N.Y.Zombies! Thank you to everyone enjoying the game and Happy Halloween!!
New York City is in ruins, the streets are filled with zombies, and it’s up to you to fight your way out and find safety. Blow away zombies with an incredible arsenal of weaponry in a stunning variety of locations including the streets of New York City, underground subways, abandoned highways, rural farmlands, broken down suburbs, mountain caves, and more! Or, try your hand at endless mode, and see how long you can survive — make sure to submit your score to the global online leader board!

N.Y.Zombies 1.3 N.Y.Zombies 1.3

How to Play
- Drag your finger across the screen to look up, down, and 360 degrees around you
- Tap zombies and other incoming creatures to shoot them
- Save survivors
- Switch between up to 6 equipped weapons and abilities (make sure to use the right weapon at the right time!)
- Earn money to buy and upgrade new weapons and abilities after each level
- Blow away zombies and have fun!
- Unique mix of casual, yet strategic game play -- this is not just a mindless shooter!
- 2 game play modes: story and endless
- In-depth story line
- Global online leader board
- Over 20 completely different, dynamic levels; fight in places you’ve never experienced in an iPhone game -- the inside of a subway car, cornfields, Central Park, rooftops and more!
- In your face action: fight dozens of zombies at once coming at you from every direction
- Over 20 upgradable weapons and abilities including mini gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, proximity mines, medpacks, machete, chainsaw, and more!
- 11 different enemy types, from giant zombies standing over 10 feet tall, to lumbering fat zombies, to cop zombies, and tumor zombies
- Over 20 achievements, each with its own highly detailed trophy
- Hours of game play and tons of re-playability!

What’s new in Version 1.3
- Shoot off zombies’ heads!
- Multitasking support
- Retina display support
- Performance optimizations

unibytes - 52.9MB
letitbit - 52.9MB
turbobit - 52.9MB
superfolder - 52.9MB
narod - 52.9MB