SJboy Emulator (Special Edition)

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You want to run java game that design for Mobile Phone in your Personal Computer? You want to run Mobile Java application such as eBuddy and else in your PC? You want to try jar file application in your Mobile Phone aka Cell Phone? You can try the Mobile Phone Tool call as SJBOY Mobile Phone Emulator. With this Mobile Emulator your can run any application that should be able only run in Mobile Phone in your Personal Computer just like you run it in Mobile Phone. This could be Game, Jar File, Mobile Messenger, Mobile Application and many more.

Sjboy Mobile Phone Emulator Mobile Phone Simulator
Sjboy is Mobile Emulator that would simulate Mobile Phone of Nokia 3100, Nokia N70, Sony Ericsson K750 and Motorola V300 in your Personal Computer (chinese version simulate QVGA phone models like Nokia N73). That means you can have Nokia N70 simulator in your computer and use it just like you have Real Nokia N70. You can run any Mobile Phone Application that supports with Nokia N70, 3100, or Sony Ericsson K750 or Motorola V300 such as Jar application, Game, Browser and many more directly right in your Personal Computer.

Why use Mobile Phone Emulator
The reason behind this could be variable. For example you download jar game from the internet and want to try the mobile game before you install it in your computer. You want to chat in Mig33 or eBuddy Mobile Messenger or other Mobile Messenger like you chat in your Mobile Phone.

Free Download Sjboy:
SJboy Emulator (Special Edition) (2.48 MB)

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