Dinosaur Slayer (v1.4)

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Dinosaurs Slayer" is a defence game of guarding the castle from attacking dinasaurs.
You must defeat the various dinosaurs and great Boss with 7 different weapons and magic.

Game Instructions

> Operating Method
- Set the direction of attack by moving up and down while touching the screen.
- Attck by pressing the weapon or magic button.
- The arrows can be shot longer in distance with the longer pressing of the attack button.

> Processing of Game
- Player can move to the next stage after defeating all the dinosaurs during the time of each stage.
- The Boss appears in the specific stages.

> Upgrade
- Weapons and magic can be learned and upgraded with the gold that is earned during the process of the game.

----------Update version 1.4-------------
1. Castle Max HP limit 40 -> 99
2. Food +10 (200 gold) -> +100 ( 2000 gold)
3. added option quality ( high, low )
4. increase damage
(paralysis arrow, poison arrow(+), Fire, Ice )
5. fixed balance
6. fixed some bugs


Black Tie Adventure (v1.0)

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Fun and beautiful 2D platformer, jump and run! Special offer -33% off now for newly launch!Your girl and friends need your help! Run and jump over the fantastic worlds to save your friends. Fight the bosses for those you love!

- 2D platformer adventure
- Simple controls
- Beautiful and colorful graphics
- Explore 4 unique worlds, 32 stages
- Boss fight
- Seek for friends in each stage
- Replay to collect all items


Crazy Kart Racing (v1.2.7)

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Compatible with:

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.5
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.1
Pocket PC WVGA resolution (fullscreen 800x480 480x800)

Demon Killer (by Zed Mobile)

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Join the battle going between good and evil in the supernatural Kingdom of twilight! Battle against hordes of enemies, and smite their enemies fiercely sacred weapon!

Download / Изтегли:

Face in Hole (v1.0)

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Haven't you ever wanted to see what you'd look like as a movie superstar, a famous model or a rock band member? Well now you can with FACEinHOLE.

For more options and scenarios check out FaceInHole.com


Over The Lambow (v1.0.3)

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Save The Lamb

"Over the Lambow" is a game that has the cute Lambow saving lambs in trouble from a monster. "Lambow" has to save the lambs in trouble while walking around the stage and has to open the rainbow gate which allows the lambs to escape from the monster.
"Lambow" has to save lambs that the monster kidnaps by flying into the sky and retrieve them.Lambow needs to find the device to open a rainbow gate, while avoiding the monster on the stage.Collect as many items as you can during the process to earn more points, and you can also use these items to attack the monster.
You can save the lambs that are in trouble, and clear the stage by using the rainbow device.There is an exciting adventure waiting for you!

Characteristics of the Game
* This is an action-adventure game that everyone can enjoy.
* Cute animated characters.
* Contains 15 various and detailed stages.
* A feeling of satisfaction from using various items.
* "Open Feint" is used to rank the competition.
* Uses a unique attack system via an attack gage.
* Play time, play count, and play ranking are applied.
* Opening and Ending Animation Movie are included in This Game (Total running time 10 min)


The Package (v1.0)

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The Package is optimized to run on 3rd generation devices (iPhone 3Gs++). The game will run on older devices, but with reduced performance. For optimal performance and a fun gaming experience a 3rd generation device is highly recommended.

The Package is a fun and entertaining physics puzzle game with amazing 3D graphics.

You influence the character (a package) by placing out springs, ramps fans, etc. You have a timer and can experiment as much as you want until you get the package through the maze-like room, past hazards, and into the green zone. You also get bonuses if you manage to pick up golden packages along the way.

The Package has 20 beautiful levels with increasing difficulty.


Aurifi (v1.1)

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A New Form of Play for the Next Generation
Aurifi is a ground-breaking, beautiful, challenging, rewarding Audio Game.
It is the first audio-only game for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Aurifi combines the two things the iPhone and iPod Touch do best - music and organic interaction.

What is an Audio Game?
Aurifi marks the beginning of a new genre - Mobile Audio Games.
You can play Aurifi with your eyes closed, this is a 100% sonic experience. It is very unusual, like nothing you have played before.

 In video games, players interact with graphics, moving them, aligning them, and reacting to them. In the Aurifi Audio Game, players interact with sound in very much the same way. Sounds different? It is!

Aurifi is an ever-changing sonic landscape that is breathtaking. At the same time it invites you to react, control, fine-tune, identify and dial yourself into your surroundings. The bespoke musical elements are designed to help you feel moods, emotions and progression.

Aurifi was developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, to make best use of the device’s methods of interaction. Shake, slide and tilt to control the sounds and complete the challenges, and also contribute to the sound.


Zombie Clash (by QPlaze)

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When evil zombies pester the streets and break into your house
When suspicious mutants hunt your neighbors
When all around you is a complete chaos and you don't know where to wait the help from.

Zombie Clash features :

• Horror-shooter in keeping with the best traditions of the genre!
• Hundreds of gallons of green blood, dreadful zombies and mutants!
• Realistic graphics, explosions, special effects and creepy enemies;
• Simple and easy-to-use controls;
• Game is available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, and Spanish.



Racing Java Games (45 pcs. pack)

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Format: jar
Quantity: 45 pcs.
Screen size: 128x160 [...] 240x320
Language: Russian, English
Size: 59 Mb

Prince Of Persia Retro (v1.0.0)

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A wicked Vizier has given the Sultan’s daughter a horrible ultimatum: accept to marry him in 60 minutes, or die. You have been imprisoned in the lowest dungeons beneath the palace, and must now race against the sands of the hourglass in an effort to save your true love. For more details, please visit Homepage, let’s strat the fun ;)


* All-time classic
* Share your progress with friends
* Touchpad controls

Prince Of Persia Retro 
v1.0.0 iPhone iPod Touch-COREPDA

Prince of Persia® Retro 1.0.0 (.ipa) - 55.1 MB
Prince of Persia® Retro 1.0.0 (.ipa) - 55.1 MB

Silent Scope 3D (by Konami)

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In a threatening and changing world, one method of defense still reigns supreme. The American sniper has battled for years to defend the nation and now they are depending on you to guide them in defense of our homeland. With 3D accuracy, scout your opponent and serve justice from a distance. Take down the terrorists who have entrenched themselves in our American cities from a helicopters or crouched in a stealth positions on a secluded rooftops. With your help, our cites will be safe again.


  • » Amazing 3D design and graphics
  • » Unique zooming feature allows you to snipe enemies from afar
  • » Night Vision feature provides an added twist on the creative gameplay
  • » Original arcade boss characters are strategically placed throughout the game

> 240x320 (N73) | Chinese

    Finger Physics (v1.7)

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    999997_4Finger Physics [App Store] is a fully OpenFeint enabled physics game with multiple game modes, and with this recent update, a load of new content.
    Gameplay is similar to ngmoco's Topple series with game modes that include building towers with different types of blocks (and even blocks that have special properties such as exploding blocks and magnetic blocks) as well as tapping blocks on an existing tower to guide an egg safely to the ground. There's also a lunar mode and an underwater mode that change how the blocks behave, requiring slightly different strategies to complete each level.
    If you've enjoyed the array of physics games on the App Store, Finger Physics will likely be right up your alley. If you haven't yet experienced any of these games, Finger Physics is a great place to start especially during the current promotion allowing you to download the full game for free.

    Finger Physics is currently appearing as free in the US App Store, since this change just went in to effect it may take a bit to update across all regions. If it is still 99¢ in your store, check back later.


    DeepDeeperDeepest! (iPhone / iPod Touch PREVIEW)

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    DeepDeeperDeepest! is an upcoming doodle style action game where the aim is to go as deep as you can!

    You pickup diamonds which will charge your superpower. When the gauge is full you can tap the screen to activate the superpower to smash down through obstacles. There are other power ups you can pick up such as shields, time slower etc.

    We've designed the game to be simple but super addictive and as you can see it is a FAST action game. It's coming soon from Viqua Games. 
    The price will be $0.99 / FREE on MOBERS.ORG


    Space Storm (v3.1)

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    In collaboration with OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day, Space Storm is Free for TODAY only.A breathtaking space-shooter game. Every minute on thin ice, face to face with merciless enemies. You are the one to save the galaxy.

    Strengthen your forces with cool weapons: from common machinegun to plasma gun and ion shell. In time of need you can't go without homing missiles to annihilate the enemy. Enjoy various bonuses making you win in mortal combat.

    Top Features:
    Lots of enemies with sophisticated skills and heavy armaments
    Multiple bonuses to improve your fighting skills
    Superior graphics will take you out of this world
    Tutorial to help you make first steps
    OpenFeint support 

    After completing every three levels you'll meet a super-boss on your way. This ship-killer has unique skills and super armaments, which can in a matter of seconds reduce you to ashes. It's only your skills and weapons that will help you to survive. If you don't want to die at the very start of the game, you need powerful guns!
    What's new

    With new Open Feint version 2.4.5 you are even more social! Compete with your friends for super bonuses and get into top online ratings!



    Project Peril (v1.0)

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    Your military transport vessel has been taken over by space pirates. All of your friends and teammates have either been hurt or killed and you are the only one left that can fight. Your orders are to try and retake the vessel before backup arrives. It's only a matter of time before the space pirates figure out you're the last one alive. Good luck.

    - 20 levels to run and gun through.
    - Different environments from a med-bay to outer space.
    - High score leaderboards and achievements with OpenFeint 2.4.
    - Buy new weapons and ammo for your inventory.
    - Multiple weapons to use from fists to a minigun.
    - Fight against different enemies from humans to robots.
    - Unlock survival mode for many more hours of fun action.
    - Continue from where you left off, even if you die.
    - Works on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.


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