Mayhem's Magic Dust (by Infinite Lives)

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  Mayhem awoke one morning from a blissful nights sleep to find Monsterland overrun by evil creatures. Mayhem's mission is to rid Spottyland of all these ghastly monsters, collecting as much MAGIC DUST as possible to give him extra powers when he attacks his enemies... Not an easy job, especially for a cute baby dinosaur.

The aim of each level is to find and destroy the big Boss. As you travel through a level kill enemies by jumping on their heads, which release bags of MAGIC DUST. For each bag of MAGIC DUST Mayhem holds he gets one STAR STRIKE (power attack). Each time he performs a STAR STRIKE the amount of MAGIC DUST decreases by one. These attacks are extendable if you chain your attacks between enemies without landing on the ground. With each different enemy chained the Star Strike increases in power and score, essential for the big Boss battles


Mayhem's Magic Dust PLUS (Multiscreen)
This is a three level demo of an improved version of a game. 
An easy mode has been added and the range of handsets improved. 

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (by EA Mobile)

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Weasel arcade hit is first available on mobile! Get this retro remake of Mortal Kombat and recall the best classic arcade fighting furiously fast full action! Contains 7 iconic characters and original martial art!

Mr Schizoo 2 (by Gameleons)

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Mr. Schizoo returns in another crazy platform game. Our fury friend is in trouble again. He was caught by fearsome robots from the "Fur Fashion Corporation" specializing in the manufacturing of expensive gallantry from the rarest materials. The rarest natural material in the whole galaxy is Schizoferrets' fur! For smart Mr. Schizoo it is no problem to get out of the cage, but several other Schizoferrets are entrapped in the factory too. You must help them to


Phantom Mansion : Origins (by Morpheme)

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He's back! At last, the long awaited return of Hector the Spectre Detector in Phantom Mansion Origins. Thanks to a mix up in the space time continuum, Hector has found himself at an alternative and even more fiendish version of the Phantom Mansion.
Once again it's down to you to solve the mysteries therein and assist Hector in his quest to lay to rest the ghosts of the Phantom Mansion. Try the online demo here .

Fishlabs Games (Collection)

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YEAR: 2009
VENDOR: Fishlabs
SCREENSIZE: Multiscreen
Size (PACKED): 24.7 MB

DEEP™ sends you to Kappa, a remote water planet with exotic life forms. You are an independent fisherman and mercenary who survives by accepting tasks, such as catching big fish or carrying out military missions, from the colonists who control Kappa. In one epic story, you must handle yourself with aplomb on the battlefield as well as on the money side to be successful. Expose all the secrets of an ongoing conflict between the rebels, pirates and a mysterious marine life form.

 As mercenary Keith Maxwell, you are hired by Admiral G. Smith of the Terran Space Fleet for suicide missions. You receive your own small spaceship as your first payment. Your mission is to help the humans in battles against the bloodthirsty Vossk alien race. Of course the other fighter pilots are not exactly happy that you are joining them as a soldier, and there are many rivalries among the pilots.

 The mercenary Keith T. Maxwell, the hero of the first part, is catapulted through space and time because of a malfunction in the hyperdrive of his space ship. He wakes up 35 years later and finds himself in a very different galaxy. The fragile peace between the four peoples, which has been maintained for generations by the galaxy’s diplomats, is on the line: the Voids, an aggressive alien race, have entered the known universe using wormhole technology. United by a common enemy, the former adversaries now fight side by side for the survival of the galaxy.

 Based on the original Paramount Pictures’ film licence, FISHLABS brings the historical, monumental empire of Gladiator right to all high-end Java and BREW mobile phones. The high-quality implementation of the famous film property offers a console feeling and allows free, breathtaking fights in 3D arenas. A 2D version has also been developed.

 There are no asphalt streets, no normal cars and definitely no consideration among the competitors in Burning Tires™. The competitors race their off-road racers with gigantic tires and engines up to 1000 HP in break-neck car races through the dusty deserts of North America, the icy plains of Antarctica and over lava fields of Iceland.

 You are magically attracted to the bright lights of the big city. You’re new in town and have to earn some respect with the dudes on the street. Illegal races are held in the harbour, downtown or even in the suburbs every night. Now you have to prove your “drive style.”

In the third millennium there are race tracks in the orbits of the planets in our solar system. Teams from six nations race against each other in a merciless battle to win on orbital high-speed tracks from the burning hell of Mercury to the eternal ice of Pluto. Daredevil pilots compete in hair-raising races on three-dimensional orbital race tracks with different jets from former army supplies and retired spaceships.

 If you want to win in Powerboat Challenge™, you not only need talent, you also need style! Spurring your motorboat over the water to the finish line is not a big deal, but if you manage to pass the buoys on the correct side and as closely as possible you receive style points and can also fill up your turbo boost and shoot past your opponents.

Rally Master Pro™ is the ultimate rally experience in console quality for your mobile phone! Race on 27 ambitious and varied tracks at top speed. Uphill and downhill. In sunshine, rain and snow. Experience how the driving behavior changes based on the road surface, weather and condition of your vehicle. 

It takes the sportswoman as surplus twisted coasts roads and washing one's hands of interesting landscapes of the French Riviera. The hard-boiled driving physics and noteworthy 3D graphics brand Speed Spirit an unusual racing encounter.

 Blades & Magic™ combines an exciting role-play game experience with thrilling battles on your mobile phone. You assume the role of Bryn, a young warrior of the Grimblade Clan. Explore the huge world of Auronia and fight your way through numerous quests. Learn powerful magic spells and skills that you can use to defeat your enemies.

 World peace is in danger! Nerivan, a fanatical country that is comprised of areas of several disintegrating East Bloc countries, has built a base for missiles with nuclear warheads. This base represents a fundamental threat and must be destroyed before it is fully functional. However, the Western leaders are once again at odds about how they should officially take action against Nerivan. The secret World Freedom Organisation has therefore hired you to take on the assignment of penetrating enemy lines with your heavily armed combat helicopter, advancing to the missile base and neutralizing it. You can count on encountering heavy resistance at sea, on land and in the air.

 Cloud Commander is a 3D multiplayer flight shooter introducing thrilling dogfights in the clouds and fast canyon shoot-outs. The player has to seek and destroy hostile air units or escort his own planes through enemy territories. He can choose between different planes to complete the missions. In multiplayer mode he can challenge other players in canyon races and compete for the best rank.

 Liriam, an inhospitable ice planet at the edge of the galaxy, is rich in mineral resources. Two multinational companies have been trying to mine the planet’s resources for years. They have dispatched spaceships with high-tech robots to mine Liriam’s valuable iridium ore, which is primarily used as fuel for modern ion propulsion.

 Evil dictator Yusuf al Fatal has been suppressing his poor, starving nation for a long time. He deliberately misleads other countries with disinformation while torturing and systematically neutralizing his political opponents in his own country. Some of them were able to escape to the neighbouring country, but their cries for help to the international community are falling on deaf ears because al Fatal is sitting on gigantic oil reserves and oil is becoming increasingly scarce in the industrialized countries.

 The mountains are calling! Get ready for the ultimate competition – challenge real Snowboarding pros on steep slopes, jump massive kickers in the Fun Park, and avoid dangerous rocks when going off-piste.
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam 3D

 Welcome to Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam! Speed is everything in this game. Compete against four other skaters in a variety of diverso locations including San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro and China. Aim to win every race and become a downhill skating legend!
 Penalty Cup 3D

Experience the penalty drama in your mobile. In Penalty Cup 3D you shoot and save penalties in great 3D graphics. Play against a friend in multiplayer mode or against other countries in single player mode. A must have for all us who love football.



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