Bounce On (v5.1)

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After falling from a familiar pocket, roll and bounce your way through 75 levels on your adventure home. Keep your eyes out for priceless gems, adorable enemies, and amazing power-ups you’ll encounter on your journey.
The achievement system provides challenging gameplay for beginners and pros alike, giving hours of fun for all skill levels.
Bounce On is Plus+ enabled. The Plus+ network combines the best features of an online gaming environment with the sharing and virality of traditional social networks.
Achievements, leader-boards, and online data store are supported via Plus+ in Bounce On

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“Team Phobic’s recent update added so much new stuff to the game — cutscenes, music, new enemies — that it seems all you need to do is wait to get bonus stuff in Bounce On. ” – IGN
“Bounce On: 3D-1D=2D and it rules!”
“Thank you so much for making my favorite application! I was a mario addict at 5 and now a bounce addict at 25″
“Fans of platform and Mario gamesshould definitely give it a look.”