Flappy Bird (v1.3)

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You probably know the infamous Flappy Bird game that has been removed from the Play Store few days ago. No worries - we have you backed up!
What's Flappy Bird some of you may ask. Well... it's that frustrating game with that clumsy ass bird @^$%$#!%$#. Alright .. calm down...
So how do you play this? It's simple - just Flap your wings to fly and try to avoid the pipes...

Find Dragon Pearl (by Jamo Studio)

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And at the end of each year, the Dragon is tasked to bring these gems to distribute in the badlands to maintain the ecological balance of the Earth. However, even in the first day, the dragon has encountered a huge storm and we are continuously attacking monster. While pulling, we love the hell did note torn bag of jewels. Please help find the full attention of the jewel were lost on Earth for us to not steal sprites okay.