Touchgrind (v1.4.0)

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TouchgrindSkate like a pro in this first real multi-touch skateboarding game ever.Just like in real skateboarding or fingerboarding, Touchgrind is a game of skill that takes 10 minutes to understand but weeks of lectures, boring meetings and family dinners to master. Learn the tricks and impress your buddies.The innovative finger controls together with true physics simulation let you pull off tricks like ollies, shuvits, kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, 5-0, 50-50, crooks, smithgrinds, boardslides, tailslides, darkslides etc in endless combinations.

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 1FEATURES

- True physics
- Innovative multi-touch controls
- 12 unlockable boards with different abilities
- Warm Up, Jam Session and Competition modes
- Tutorial videos
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Realistic sound

iPhone Screenshot 3Touchgrind (.ipa) - 15.3 MB
Touchgrind (.ipa) - 15.3 MB

Nescube 3.2 (Application)

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Nescube is an excellent emulator that allows you to play old NES games on your phone for free.If you're a big Nintendo fan then Nescube is one phone app that you can't afford to be without. It works by loading ROMs, which are games files in .nes format containing all the data of the original game. You can download these files or use existing ROMs that you own. The compiled Nescube emulator comes with one preloaded game called Bonk's Adventures.

If you click on the 'Open game' option from the main menu and select 'Internet' you'll be presented with an A-Z list of games you can download and run directly in Nescube, ranging from Addams Family, through Super Mario Bros, to Zippy Race. Remember though, that downloading ROMs of games that you don't own is technically illegal, so consider yourself warned.

In terms of the games themselves, the reproduction of them in Nescube is totally faithful to the original game, with exactly the same graphics and sounds. Depending on the kind of phone you have, you may experience slow loading of games, distorted or jerky gameplay.
Luckily, Nescube comes with plenty of settings you can tweak to improve your gaming experience. For instance, you can tinker with display settings, adjust the FPS level and video rendering, and adjust the sound source and settings. You can also map keys on your device to controls to customize your playing.

If you were a Nintendo nut in your youth, then Nescube will send those childhood console memories flooding back.

  • Perfectly recreates old NES games
  • Lots of graphic and audio settings
  • Mappable keys
  • Can run slowly on certain phones

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (by Disney)

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Play as Captain Jack Sparrow in this spectacular action adventure game based on the movie. With a combination of stunning swordplay and cunning stealth, you'll confront awesome enemies and plot a course in search of the Fountain of Youth.


Total Tennis : Womens Edition (by Fugumobile)

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The women’s circuit has just got hotter with the new edition of Total Tennis. So grab a racket and play against the leading ladies of our time as you battle your way from the early rounds to the grand slam title. Choose from 3 playing surfaces (grass, clay and Hard) for each tournament.

To play shots-Press Joystick/5 to hit towards the center of the court. -Press 1 to hit towards the left sideline -Press 3 to hit towards the right sideline. To serve,press Joystick/5 to toss the ball in the air,then -Press Joystick/5 to serve the ball towards the center of thecourt. -Press 1 to serve towards the left sideline. -Press 3 to serve towards the right sideline


240x320 (N95)

Combat Outpost Afghanistan (by Fugumobile)

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Combat outpost Tarin Khas, hunkered among hostile villages in the Southern province of Oruzgan has come under the control of enemy combatants. As a commander of the Special forces, you have been dropped into the battle zone to eliminate all resistance and take command of the outpost once more. Risk death by gunfire, bombs and the dreaded 'Dahakas', a tribe of monster half humans who can literally tear you apart.

Use the joystick or your mobile keypad (2,4,6,8) to move. Press Joystick/5 to Fire. Collect new and more powerful weapons along the way to help you combat the terrorists.


FX Photo Studio + HD (v3.2.0)

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FX Photo Studio offers more bang for your buck than any other app on the App Store with its outstanding assortment of 187 filters. It is the most popular version of the FX Photo Studio brand and is a top photography application in over 20 different countries. FX Photo Studio for iPhone is utilized by both amateur and professional photographers who seek simple, but powerful image processing on-the-go. Users can turn their iPhone or iPod touch into a fantastic photo editing studio that allows them to mix and tune every single effect, and even share their photos via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Many would be surprised by the countless creative image editing possibilities that FX Photo Studio provides on-the-go.

✓ By pressing one button you can turn your shot into a photo from 60’s or 70's, a picture drawn by a pencil, oil paint, or done in a Modern Art style.
✓ Various Lo-Fi effects, Vintage, Bizarre, TiltShift, Sepia, Glow, Grunge, Blur, Textures – FX Photo Studio has them all and even more.
✓ Apply single or multiple effects to one image
✓ If you want, you can manually tune every single effect
✓ Crop, flip, rotate, adjust gamma of your pictures
✓ Save combinations of effects to PRESETS and apply on other images with just ONE TAP
✓ You can also SHARE PRESETS with other people


• 187 photo effects and filters 

• 20 Categories 
• Intuitive, easy to use interface 
• Possibility to mix different effects 
• Adjustable parameters for all effects
• Add Effects to Favorites 
• Hide Unused Effects 
• Presets – to save sequences of effects and apply them on others pictures with just one tap
• Share presets via Preset Codes
• Import presets via Preset Codes
• Possibility to rearrange and organize the order of Categories and Effects 

• Multistep Undo and Redo
• Crop image
• Crop area rotation
• Rotate and flip image
• Brightness adjustments
• Random filter optio
• Take Instant Photo with random effect feature (for iPhones only)
• Easily import pictures from Photo Albums on your device
• Automatic rotation of picture imported with wrong orientation
• Portrait and landscape modes supported
• Resulting images can be saved to "Camera Roll" or "Saved Photos" or 'Documents' 
• High resolution support up to 2592*2592 pixels (for iPhones 4)
• Copy Image to Clipboard from the app for later use in others apps
• Easy image sharing between iDevice and computer via Documents folder 
• Built-in sharing via Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or E-mail

• iPhone 4 Retina display support
• Full iPhone and iPod Touch compatibility (all versions)
• More than 40 other great filters and effects available as in-app purchases

iOS 3.0+

Language: English
Size: 19MB
Price: $0.99 / Free on


Soul Catcher (by Dynamic Pixels)

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ImageOnce upon a time in a dark underground realm, from time immemorial called Hell, there lived a demon. He led usual devilishly unattractive life - polishing cauldrons, keeping fire alive, sweating with the infernal heat. Once it happened that the senior demon found fault with demon's work. And he sent delinquent demon to the Devil. The Devil then said: You're guilty, demonic one. . It's time to redeem your fault. Set out for the Earth and find there three unaccounted souls, which are hiding in the cloister!

The demon had nothing to do but to obey his devilish master. He appeared on the monastery court in flames and clouds of smoke and proceeded to carry out the hard task.Monks are not eager to help the demon. Moreover, they are making signs of the cross over him and trying to drive the demon back to Hell. But he can't return without the souls!So the demon has to cheat, play tricks and use keenness of wit there are lots of hiding places in the old cloister so it's easy to get lost. And there are also mad alchemists on demon's way.

Image Image Image

Game features:
- amazing and bright graphics
- unique spirit of the Middle Ages 
- opportunity to put yourself in the naughty demon's shoes
- numerous tasks, which require keenness of wit and logical thinking
- lots of funny situations
- violent-free: there is not a single murder in the game


(language: Russian)

128x128 (K300)

Puzzle Quest 2 (by Namco)

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Escape to a fantasy world filled with addictive Match 3 gameplay and immersive role playing in the sequel to the award-winning Puzzle Quest! Customize your character with different spells and abilities as you gain experience and earn treasure! Hone your skills with fun and challenging minigames hidden throughout your quest. Are you brave enough to reclaim the once peaceful village of Verloren from the evil clutches of the demon Gorgon?

• Learn to use new mana gems, spells, weapons and more.
• Customize your characters with 4 classes in both genders.
• Explore an immense and immersive fantasy world!
• Play tons of unique minigames to earn treasure and experience.

Force Recon (by Shamrock Games)

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World War II is fully underway. A small elite troop of Allies has been sent over the front line to breach the enemy resistance. You have this once in a lifetime chance to assist in the many operations of the unit! You'll take part in a foray through the deserts of Africa, fight against the enemy in the narrow alleys of European cities and find and destroy a secret missile base in the Palatinate Forest. Choose to play different main characters and different weapons! Carry out dangerous missions in remote enemy regions and defeat them!

Game Features 
- Amazing graphics creating a World War II’s atmosphere filled with dangers;
- Exciting action story accompanied with dialogues of main characters, briefings and over 45 spectacular in-game movies; unique animations of weapon shooting and explosion;
- 17 levels of dangerous missions; 3 campaigns in North Africa and some European cities; different strategies can be applied;
- The player can choose to play 3 main characters (Captain Casey Brown, a sharpshooter, Corporal Dusty Miller, an experienced engineer and explosives expert, Lieutenant Andy Stevens, a weapons expert) and different weapons (sniper rifle, pistol, submachine gun, etc.); each character has 3 stages of development;
- Many important assignments to be completed by the player while carrying out dangerous missions (crossing over the front line, blowing up enemy fuel depots, freeing the members of the resistance, etc.);
- 6 enemy’s weapons types (pistol, submachine gun, heavy machine gun, Faustpatrone, mines, bombs);
- Easy to learn controls


Fight Night : Round 4 (by EA Mobile)

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THE WORLD'S BIGGEST, BADDEST BOXING GAME IS BACK! FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 mobile game from EA Mobile is back in the ring with incredible 3D graphics and even MORE heavy-hitting punches! Fight against the greatest boxing legends of all time and customize your own fighter. Build up your boxing skills in Heavy Bag & Weightlifting Mode as you bob & weave through mini-games. Land a perfectly timed Flash KO and YOU could be the next Ultimate Boxing Champion. You're only one clean punch away from VICTORY!

    • Best-selling boxing mobile game franchise
    • Fight against life-like boxing legends
    • Spectacular 3D graphics
    • Customize your own fighter
    • Featuring new boxing moves
    • Build up your skills in Heavy Bag & Weightlifting Mode
    • Multiple mini-games
    • Train hard for your shot at Ultimate Boxing Champion of the World!


128x160 (K500)
128x160 (5200)
176x208 (N70)
176x220 (K750)
208x208 (5500)
240x320 (5000)
240x320 (5310)
240x320 (K800)
240x320 (W910)
240x320 (N73)
240x320 (N95)
240x320 (N96)
320x240 (E71)
352x416 (N80)
360x640 (N97)

Trivial Pursuit : Ultimate Master Edition (by EA Mobile)

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Play for the pursuit of happiness with TRIVIAL PURSUIT ULTIMATE MASTER EDITION! Now you can play this all-time favorite in 2 great modes. Fill your "pie" with "wedges" in Classic mode. Or use strategy to answer fast and reach the finish line first in new Pursuit mode. Answer up to 1,000 questions on Entertainment, Geography, History and more. Customize your game by setting the number of wedges. Play against the game with 3 difficulty levels, or play with up to 4 friends with Pass 'n play.

    Features (may vary by handset) 
    • Experience two fun game modes.
    • Collect "wedges" and fill your "pie" in Classic mode.
    • Race to the finish line in Pursuit mode.
    • Customize your game by selecting the number of wedges in Classic mode.
    • Play against the game with 3 difficulty levels.
    • Play with friends with Pass 'n play for up to 4 players in both modes.
    • Have fun with up to 1,000 trivia questions.
    • Enjoy your game time more with 3 multiple choice answers per question.
    • Dazzle your senses with rich visuals, animations and sound effects.


(supplied by @Dedomil)

Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer Safari (v1.0)

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Get your hands on the all well known Tic-Tac-Toe game in Safari style.Place your circle or cross and become a Tic Tac Toe champion!
Tic Tac Toe – or Noughts and Crosses – is a well-known popular game for two players. It is able to transform a simple bus trip into a great adventure! Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your Android device for free. Play with your friends and other people from around the around the world. Be part of the "Skiller Games Community".

- Cool graphics
- Multiplayer
- Avatar system
- Hall of Fame leader-board
- Virtual store
- Personal inbox
- Game achievements
- Invite buddies
- and much more!

Skiller 12 Game Pack (v2.20.0)

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Play 12 multiplayer games with anyone from around the world.
Build your own social network of game loving friends.
You can chat and play, send funny messages and show off your skills.
Download once and get 12 games: Backgammon, 4inarow, Reversi, Checkers, WallBall and more.
The Skiller 12pack contains some of the best games for all ages and genders! And it gets even better - it's FREE!
- Cool graphics
- Multiplayer
- Avatar system
- Hall of Fame leader-board
- Virtual store
- Personal inbox
- Game achievements
- Invite buddies
- and much more!