World Snooker 2010: Ronnie O'Sullivan's (by P1 Sports)

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Ronnie O'Sullivan, world-snooker champion invites you to take part in the world Professional Travel snooker. Battle to the most famous people of this sport: John Higgins, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Stefen Magiruni, and you can become one of the best players in the world, winning over those Champions! Play a quick game or against an opponent, as you can challenge your friends or best player of the tournament official premier league snooker... You must show your skills in order to be snookered Champion! 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 240x432, 360x640.

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Warpgate (v1.0)

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warpingI spent the afternoon chatting with Bruce Morrison of Freeverse regarding their upcoming title which was shown at the iPhone Launch Party, Warp Gate. A game that is sounding more and more ambitious each time I hear about it, Warp Gate is a galactic conquest and trading game that is working up to having an amazing amount of depth for an iPhone game.
Players will master commodity markets, battle space pirates, and meet several friendly and hostile alien species. Featuring a fluid and ever changing economy, 6 warring factions including 2 alien species, a full arsenal of weapons including lasers, missiles, shields and beams, all spread over a galaxy of more than 75 planets and space stations in 32 star systems.
Sounds pretty crazy, and I can't wait. This bundle of screenshots is just a small sampling of what is coming in the final version of the game.


Rollercoaster Rush: New York (by Digital Chocolate)

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Imagine that the entire huge New York enmeshed runs a roller coaster - this game is so will! Promchites this breathtaking attraction for all areas "Cities that never sleep" - waiting for you entire 99 levels - from the Central Park to the skyline Manhattan! Expand breakneck speed on steep slopes and loops, jump through failures, and be careful otherwise everything will be dumped trolleys down from a great height! If you get tired of playing single mode stump Driving on jewelry attraction of his friends - up 4 people can take turns play on one device! 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320.

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Deadliest Catch (v1.0.1)

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High Seas. High Drama. High Stakes. It's the world's most dangerous job. Now you are in the wheelhouse taking control to see if you have what it takes for Discovery Channel's hit series DEADLIEST CATCH. Television's king (crab) of intense action and high octane surprise is now the ultimate game.


Deadliest Catch 1.0.1 (.ipa) - 19.2 MB
Deadliest Catch 1.0.1 (.ipa) - 19.2 MB

ZENONIA™ (v2 1.1)

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720410_5jpgFew iPhone games have been as highly anticipated as Gamevil's latest epic RPG, Zenonia [App Store]. Our forums have been swarming over it since we first caught wind of the game at GDC '09, and things only got worse as the beta started and its App Store release approached. But does Zenonia live up to months of hype? There's no question it stands alone in providing over 40 hours of faithful 16-bit era action RPG gameplay, but Zenonia certainly isn't perfect.
I'm reluctant to spoil too much of the plot, but it touches on several RPG cliches. You play as a mysterious child unsure of his identity in an adventure that takes place during a conflict between the Dragon Clan and Holy Knights. Along the way you're able to make choices that change both your alignment and the direction the game takes through the story. Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are plentiful, and even insignificant characters often have amusing things to say if you talk to them enough times. Grammar mistakes are abundant in Zenonia's English localization, but more often than not I felt these just added to the humor of the game.
It's nothing we haven't seen before on other platforms, but Zenonia brings welcome change to the App Store in providing  an insane level depth that most games seem to lack. Ironically, it's this same level of depth that will most likely leave casual gamers either frustrated or taking a pass on Zenonia entirely.
720410_4jpgZenonia comes packed with an item and character upgrade system unlike anything I've played on the iPhone. As you gain experience by completing quests and killing monsters, you're able to increase your statistics as well as spend points making your way down skill trees very similar to talent trees in games like World of Warcraft or Diablo which can grant both active abilities and passive bonuses. Abilities can be assigned to the action bar on the bottom of the screen to quickly have access to them, and after leveling up and spending points to gain a few different skills, combat actually stays pretty fresh instead of just mindless button smashing.
The depth of Zenonia continues as you complete quests in a game world that has both day and night cycles, allowing for quests or quest objectives that only appear at certain times of day. There are ten different slots for your character to equip gear in, a ridiculous amount of potions, power-ups, and a detailed magic item upgrade system that focuses on combining items to create more powerful ones.
Items degrade over time, requiring repairs, and your character even needs to eat regularly. While I suppose these things could aid the immersion of hardcore RPG gamers, it seems like they just serve as a needless time and gold sink. You can pick up five quests at a time, and most quests will generally have you heading to the same area, but more often than not you have to run back to town to eat and repair before you can complete all quest objectives.
img_0029On top of this, there are several points in the game where grinding is absolutely required to earn enough experience to be a high enough level to stand a chance in the next area. Experience points usually come quick, and while the combat is generally fun, grinding still feels like an unnecessary chore rather than an entertaining gameplay element.
Zenonia is controlled using an on-screen D-Pad and buttons, similar to other Gamevil games and I honestly feel this is the game's biggest flaw. Absolutely everything in the game is controlled using the virtual D-Pad, including navigating menus. It's no secret that Zenonia on the iPhone is a port of an extremely popular Korean cell phone game built with cell phone hardware in mind, I just wish Gamevil would have made some attempt to (for lack of a better term) make the iPhone iteration of Zenonia a little more iPhone-y.
It seems extremely archaic to navigate through the various submenus that make up your character's information, inventory, equipment, and skills, especially after seeing how Underworlds [App Store] handled this so well using a touch interface. Saving your game is also done using these same submenus, which seems really unnatural for an iPhone game.
img_0030Your character also can't move diagonally, which is a major pet peeve of mine, and I felt the controls took an awful lot of getting used to. Zenonia would be many times more enjoyable to play if instead of a rigid Up/Down/Left/Right D-Pad it controlled more similar to iDracula [App Store], allowing you to move in any direction. Even after having hours of gameplay clocked in to Zenonia I still find myself occasionally moving in the wrong direction or accidentally dashing forward. Thankfully, tapping the attack button will always make you face any monster in range of your character so the clumsy D-Pad doesn't hinder combat that much.
The graphics are excellent, and it's not hard to draw visual comparisons between Zenonia and classic 16-bit RPG's. Combat animations are colorful and often come with screen flashes and other fun-to-watch graphical effects. Since the game weighs in at under 10MB, music and sound effects are fairly limited. The combat sounds get repetitive quick, and while there seemingly is a large variety of music, most of the tracks consists of loops that only last a few seconds.
So do I recommend Zenonia?
At $5.99, it is an unbelievable value for the amount of gameplay you're getting. At over 40 hours per play-through, three classes, along with the good and evil alignment system, Zenonia should provide for at least a second fresh play-through as you choose the opposite alignment of your previous game. There really isn't anything like it on the App Store, and if you're looking for a solid RPG to settle in and sink your teeth in to, look no further than Zenonia.
img_00151However, if you consider yourself more of a casual gamer and only play iPhone games in short bursts, chances are you won't get very far in Zenonia. The game's objectives revolve around accepting and completing short quests, but needless tasks like equipment repairs and character hunger along with required grinding between areas will likely grow tiring for the casual gamer long before you get close to completing the game.
Gamevil has already submitted Zenonia 1.1 to the App Store, and they've proven in the past that they'll continue improving a game until they get it right. Baseball Superstars [App Store] has gone through an amazing transformation through updates, and I expect Zenonia will do the same. Despite my criticisms, as a fan of more classic RPG's than I can even list, I'm enjoying Zenonia immensely.



ZENONIA™ 2 1.1 (.ipa) - 30.8 MB

Silent Swords : ZERO (v1.0)

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The prequel to the first stealth action game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Silent Swords ZERO goes back in time to reveal more about the story of the Little Black Ninja. Who is he? What is he looking for? Why are the Silent Swords so special? All the answers lie hidden under the white snow in this thrilling new installment of the Silent Swords saga.

  • Learn more about the story behind the Silent Swords and the Little Black ninja through more than 10 beautifully drawn comic book pages.
  • 25 story levels across 3 different settings: the dangerous underground mines, the freezing snow-covered mountains and the mysterious temple ruins.
  • Extra levels to unlock once you finish the main quest. More levels to come in future updates!
  • New weapons! Throw darts to put your enemies to sleep, use smoke bombs to teleport anywhere in the blink of an eye!
  • New enemies! The military have employed civilians to aid them in their endeavors. Be careful, the ninja’s honor code forbids the slaughter of innocent souls.
  • New stealth moves! In snowy levels you can hide under the snow to go unnoticed even in lit areas.
  • OpenFeint achievements.
  • And, of course, all the true stealth gameplay, moves and weapons that you love from the first game: lurk in the shadows, dispatch enemies with gesture-driven sword attacks, throw shurikens for instant kills, and more!

M.A.A. : Monsters against aliens (v1.2)

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iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 1.
iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 3

Here I am, fortunate enough to have made it close to 34 years old. I have had the pleasure of witnessing video games through all of their transformations AS they were happening (after all, I clearly remember playing 2600 games when that's all that there was).

When I think of some of my favorite 'shooters', they are usually games from the past. Some examples would include 'R-Type' for TuurboGrafx 16, 'Astro Warrior' for Sega Master System, and 'Thunder Force II' for the Sega Genesis.

Much time has passed and these days it seems to be somewhat a trend to make games that resemble a lot of the old formats. Some could blame it on the handheld devices limitations to produce or some could call it a gimmeck - a ploy to play into the hands of the sentimental perhaps?

'Monsters Against Aliens' is a game that feels like it was made for NONE of the above reasons.
It feels like a game that was made because it is a great game from the ground up.


How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury (v1.0.1)

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Explore the expanded world from the Viking home Island of Berk to the sea and beautiful but forbidding lands beyond. Plunge from the vast heavens above to the depths of subterranean caves. Apply lessons from Dragon Training as dragon and rider form a unique bond together and master the art of flying.

Challenge your abilities by completing different tasks, besting the fastest flight times, and secretly carrying out missions to help the Viking village


Scarface Last Stand (v1.0.0)

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The time has come for Tony Montana to make his LAST STAND. Play the epic shootout from the mansion scene in all its glorious rage, weaponry, f-bombs, and blood. You control Tony Montana, the ultimate bad guy, in this arcade shooter.

* Send them all to bloody hell in 30 levels of intense action
* Bury those cockroaches with more than 15 weapons including machine guns and rocket launchers
* Get what's coming to you with achievements, unlockables and more
* Defend your empire in two game modes

The game starts when you 'Say Hello'. Visit Tony's office to change weapons, check stats, view achievements and unlock even more Scarface surprises. 


Crazy Snowboard (v2.6.2)

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Crazy Snowboard has something for everyone:

- Eye-popping 3D graphics
- In-air trick system: spin, flip and grab!
- 30 missions (more than 30 Plus+ leaderboards)
- More than 60 Plus+ awards to earn
- 13 riders to unlock
- 13 boards to unlock
- 16 touch-activated in-air tricks to unlock
- Grinding: rails, boxes, logs, candycanes!
- Smashable obstacles: zombies, snowmen, elves!
- Intuitive controls - really feels like you are boarding!
- Quick pick-up-and-play
- 4 Endless free-ride modes
- Hours of challenging game-play


Crazy Snowboard v2.6.2 for iPHONE

Defender (by EA Mobile)

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The classic of the 80s back! And now on your mobile! Defend your planet from aliens and fight against the enemies of the entire galaxy! Play classic arcade style or new campaign mode and complete different objectives in missions around the world. 128x128, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 320x240.

Download game Defender (3,8 МБ):
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