Need For Speed: The Run (by EA Mobile)

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It’s called The Run. An illicit, high-stakes race across the country. The only way to get your life back is to be the first from San Francisco to New York. No speed limits. No rules. No allies. All you have are your driving skills and sheer determination as you battle hundreds of the world’s most notorious drivers on the country’s most dangerous roads. In Need for Speed The Run, you’ll weave through dense urban centers, rocket down icy mountain passes and navigate narrow canyons at breakneck speeds, all the while evading a relentless police force prepared – and willing – to use lethal force to take you down.


RoboFly (by Jarbull)

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Robofly mobile game features a war where Mankind fought for the possession of earth resources and now the days of war are over. Foreign invaders want to steal the satellite of the earth and they are threatening mankind. Human military forces invented an android, he must confront the looming threat. You have an important mission ahead, managing this android is entrusted to you. Control the robot in such a skillful way that is shoots down as much enemy objects as possible and fly as far as possible to inflict more damage on opponent. Each task you finish successfully will award you a medal. You need to collect all the medals! You will receive monetary compensation at the end of each fligth in order to buy improvements and upgrade your robot. These improvements will aid you in your mission and bring better results. 
 You must choose which angle and force you want to operate your robot with at the start of the game. Manage the right moment turbines in order to fly up or don't use the turbines if you want to lower the robot in flight mode. Remember that you have a limited amount of fuel, so it must be spend wisely. You can face moving objects in the air and on the ground while flying. Try to catch bonus augmentation energy, it will help you fly further and earn medal. Beware of the magnetic traps.


EA Cricket 11 (by EA Mobile)

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If you are a cricket lover then you will definitely want to have a good time playing cricket to your mobile phone. This is EA Cricket 2011 mobile game which features excellent graphic, great sound and improved gameplay. If you have played mobile cricket game before then you will surely like this game because it is from EA and also 2011 updated.

NOM 5 (v1.0)

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Blast off to the outer space shooting guns, striking enemies,
and solving mind-dazzling puzzles to help NOM safely back
home. Experience retro style colorful sprites, fast-paced
gameplay, and comical story of NOM.
Travel back-and-forth in space as guy and gal
in NOM's bizarre life.

Dozens of stages which include 6 boss stages are presented in 10 vibrant and colorful interpretations of stars.

Easy one-touch control mechanism with riveting 360 degrees screen rotating action for an exciting journey through the space.

Skid through the planets to collect relics and thump on bosses with snacks that give NOM superpower.

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 5

Sprint, swim, and jump as fast as you can to compete against others and unlock all 41 Game Center achievements.

Engage in the extraordinary journey of NOM becoming a 'gal' and her passion to become a 'guy' again!

RELEASE DATE: 25 August 2011

Puzzled? 2 (by Maturus Mobile)

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The best mobile puzzle game just got better!Unlock buried treasure in this fiendishly addictive sequel to the best-selling puzzler." Over 280 custom designed levels including tutorials" Classic brain teasing fun - no time limits and no fast reactions needed" Many different block types to be unlocked giving each set of puzzles a unique twist.

no download links available ATM

The Fight 3D (by 7seas)

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The Fight - 3D is a distinguishable action game between toughest fighters. The game has 4 realistic characters (2 guys and 2 girls). The player can choose any of his characters for the challenge. The game has 4 interesting modes such as Tournament, Practice, Survival and Quick Fight. 


TNA Impact! (by NAMCO)

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Enter the ring and prepare yourself for all the high-flying action and slam take-downs as you take control of your favorite TNA Superstars like Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Strike, stomp, grapple and throw your way to the top! Grab weapons to deal devastating damage, or put your opponent in a submission hold to make them tap-out. With multiple game modes, divisions, and match types, TNA iMPACT Wrestling will keep you pinned in the ring.


(supplied by @Jonny)

Midtown Madness 3 Mobile 3D (by In-Fusio)

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Midtown Madness 3 consists of three basic gameplay modes, all of which take place in the famed City of Lights--Paris. The first choice, career mode, is split up into two submodes: paramedic and delivery guy. In paramedic, you're behind the wheel of an ambulance. You have to dash all over the city, picking up patients and bringing them to the hospital before your time limit expires. You get to drive a Mini Cooper in delivery guy, where you must race a rival delivery woman to a series of drop zones. The second major mode, checkpoint, is a straightforward series of races through a number of ordered checkpoints (surprise!) against two other drivers. Blitz, the final gameplay option, is another basic race, except that you can take your route of choice through the checkpoints, which are all present on your radar at the beginning of the race.

Each of these major tasks--paramedic, delivery guy, checkpoint, and blitz--comprises four missions/races, representing a grand total of 16 different levels. You're assigned your vehicle for the first two tasks, but you have a choice between the ambulance, the Cooper, and two unlockable sports cars in checkpoint and blitz. Each of these cars has an appreciably different feel, top speed, and mass. For instance, the ambulance has the lowest top speed of the four, but it's big enough to knock traffic out of the way without even slowing down. Minis, on the other hand, are extremely nimble, which is good, because if you run into anything, you'll come to a crashing halt. It's a lot of fun to switch up your ride between levels to see which vehicle will give you an optimum time or provide you with a bit of extra challenge. The game's driving mechanics are generally very good. Your car zips around with a nice sense of speed; cornering works pretty well; and the controls are simple to a fault. There are some occasional troubles with getting hung up on walls, especially when you're trying to take shortcuts through narrow alleyways, but this is a minor blemish on a solid gameplay model.


Logix 3D (by Ladty)

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Logix 3D is a logical java game, which is using JSR-184 (so it is 3D). The target of this java game is to put boxes with some colour on a target with the same colour as the box. You've got multiple boxes which are moving all at the same time but they can't get through walls. So if you want for example to separate 2 boxes, you just place one of them behind a wall so it can't move. It maybe sounds easy, but believe me, it's not! This java game is for those who want to use a brain instead of just keep on pressing five to kill their opponent. So if you're simply stupid, don't try to play this game, it's not for you!!!

 This java game contains 4 basic difficulties, each with 25 levels and 1 difficulty with new game style in which you really need to use your brain. And believe me, it will take you a long time to finish all these levels. And if you finally finish them (and I'm not saying that everyone can), you can change the type of camera from static to interactive. This will require all of your concentration, reasoning and three-dimensional imagination. Just try it yourself and you'll see...

 In menu, you can adjust graphics details to run this java game smoothly even on some older devices, you can also adjust here the altitude and distance of the camera to have better view at whole scene. You can of course save your unfinished level or even create up to 25 yours. And if you know someone who plays this too, you can compare your statistics and number of moves with him to see who is more intelligent.


BRiX 4D (by Ladty)

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Brix 4D is a revolutionary mobile java game. The target of this game is to destroy all bricks in a level without losing too many balls. Sounds familiar? Probably. But! This is not an ordinary brick breaking game! It is true 4D mobile game , but not only thanks to it's graphics. It also uses four dimensions to improve gameplay from root and brench. There are also many other improvements, from pad or ball behavior to special bonuses , original game modes and outstanding effects.

Brix 4D is designed to run on every cellphone, which supports Mobile 3D Graphics. You can adjust many graphical settings to run smoothly even on older devices. You can also control the entire game simply by touch screen (if your device supports that) which gives you utterly precise pad handling and unique gaming experience.

Width , Height , Depth , TIME! Incredible gameplay within 4 dimensions including time manipulation , over 30 unique bonuses and infinity number of levels


Delicious: Emily's Taste of Fame (by Mr. Goodliving)

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Emily's trip to Hollywood and her new cooking show, "Emily's Taste of Fame", comes to a sudden halt when her trusty car breaks down in a small roadside town. To make matters worse, Emily has no money for repairs. Fortunately, Snuggford is full of culinary crises and Emily always leaps at an opportunity to roll up her sleeves. Help her get on the road again by whipping up scrumptious meals and serving them to a huge variety of customers, both familiar and new, in loads of challenging levels. And, just like in real life, every level features an unexpected event that's sure to keep you on your toes! Will Emily make it in the big time? Or, are there more important things than fame and fortune?
* Five All-New Locations
* Engrossing, In-Game Storyline
* Special Surprise Events in each Level
* Variety of Dishes, Desserts, Drinks, and more


Viral Flash Games - Flash Games Source Code Package

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Viral Flash Games is a really interesting product for any webmasters or wannabe game developers out there. It's a complete package of web games including complete Flash Games Source Code which allows you to create your own branded games.  But don't worry, you don't need to be a programmer to take advantage of this...

Viral Flash Games is the brainchild of Billy Deakin, a games developer in the UK.  While you've probably never heard of him, there's a good chance you've played some of his games in the past.  His creations have been published on thousands of websites, and he has developed promotional games for an impressive client list including Hasbro, Lucasarts, BBC and Orange to name just a few from his portfolio.

So what is Viral Flash Games, and why should I care?

The VFG package is a complete set of 10 games which can be added to any site "as-is" or can be modified in any way to create customised versions and rebranded games.  According to the terms of the site they can even be used as a starting point for creating mobile games for iPhone/Android.

What is cool about this product though is how simple they are to use.  Logos can easily be swapped out, so they are a breeze to rebrand, and they have "viral embed codes" built in so the games can be given away by webmasters and when published on other sites and blogs they are a great way of getting a ton of free backlinks.

We took a look at the games on offer, and while a few of them are rather generic (like a slide puzzle and a "Simon" type memory game) there were some truly original titles in there too.  The graphics are mostly fairly simple, but the games are genuinely fun to play.  Plus the viral embed codes relaly are simple to use - just copy/paste and you're done!

If you want to try the games out for free you can download a sample at and have a go at embedding any of the games into your own site or blog.  These versions will have the VFG logo of course, but if you choose to buy the product later you can easily replace that with your own.

Viral Flash Games Source Code

What's in the box?

So what do you get for your hard earned cash?  Well, you get the games of course, with full source code (so you can either modify them yourself or hire a freelancer to make changes for you) and a license you use and distribute the modified versions.  The license is pretty flexible, and it looks like you can do just about anything with these games other than reselling the source code but please read the license carefully yourself!

You also get a rebranding video showing you how to make changes to the games, an ebook on viral marketing with tips and ideas for getting the most benefit from these games, and several bonus mini games (including a rather cool bubble wrap game/toy which we really liked!)

Finally they offer a 100% money back guarantee so I guess they stand by the quality of their product.


So is the Viral Flash Games package worth the money?  Well it depends why you want it.  If you have a blog or website and want to give something back to your visitors, get some "social media love" and a bunch of backlinks then I think it's a no brainer.  Also, if you're interested in getting into game development for either online or the mobile market then this may be of some use.

On the other hand if you're just a casual user, or maybe fancy having a game on your blog for a bit of fun then why not just save yoru money and embed one of their free games!

Visit for more information and a free sample

Brick & Bubble Revolution (by Digital Chocolate)

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Improve your skills while destroying blocks with more than 20 crazy power-ups including smart bombs, shock wave and fireball in career mode and challenge. Burst bubbles with enhancements including the revolutionary bomb colors, fiery crater and reverse in career mode and challenge


Beatbox Mobile - Hands-On Review

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Beatbox Mobile is the biggest and baddest must - have App on the planet for Beatbox fans and beatboxers alike. Combining an immersive experience with social Features and live multiplayer battles! Unique recording features can also be used by musicians, Artists, and performers of all types to Quickly and easily record on the go! This is just the begining of the revelution with many more updates and much more is planned for the future!
This app has been rated 10 out of 10!

Highlighted Features:

  • Beatbox Beats & ringtones
  • Recording Studio
  • Multi-track/Looper
  • Beatbox TV
  • News & events
  • Battles
  • Worldwide Tournaments
  • Worldwide charts
  • Social Home space
  • Personal Stats & Rankings
  • Share session recordings via facebook, twitter, etc..
  • Social features powered by Unite!

App name: Beatbox Mobile
Platform: Android (within a few months iPhone)
Developed by: Uforia For The Masses
Release Date: By September 2011
Visit for more info

Heavy Armor : Raid Operation (by Linktone)

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language: Chinese