Hittite Bricks (by Cepteki Dunya Mobilenter)

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Сокровища Хеттов

Once upon a time Hittite civilization experienced its dawn.
Luxury castles, works of art of the skilled people were famous throughout the world, Hittite kings bathed in gold and jewels ...

Сокровища Хеттов Сокровища Хеттов

But time has not spared the Hittites and their civilization sank into oblivion, but their many treasures still buried in the ancient ruins, and you have to go to where they are!

Сокровища Хеттов Сокровища Хеттов

Long ago, on Earth there was a mighty civilization Hittite.
She has achieved unprecedented prosperity and wealth. Residents of the Hittite state could build a magnificent castles and palaces. Their decoration simply amazed by its magnificence!
The rulers of this ancient people possessed great treasures. But millions of years have passed, and the Hittite civilization has sunk into oblivion.
Castles and palaces were destroyed, people's ashes smoldered, but gold and jewels have not disappeared!
Hurry go to where they are! On the way you expect danger and ancient riddles. 'll Have to visit the ancient ruins, descend into the deep caves. But it is worth it.
Interesting discoveries await you! 

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