Robot Rampage (v1.0)

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 Robot Rampage  1.0 Robot Rampage  1.0 
Robot Rampage  1.0Robot Rampage  1.0

Robot Rampage - Origin8 already amassed a decent collection of games for iPhone / iPod Touch, one of which included, for example, Sentinel and Sentinel 2, one of the best games in the genre of Tower Defense. In general, if the cause is taken Origin8, should wait at least a quality product. At this time the developers have undertaken for the implementation of the arcade game, in the main role of which appears giganstki robot armed with a deadly laser.

The robot is controlled by a combination of on-screen gestures. Touching the side of the screen causes it to move in this direction, and touch the bottom of the screen is responsible for the direction of the laser. Also, the robot is able to ram and stomping - for that you must click on the relevant part of the trunk or leg. As the destruction of all around (what else can make a giant robot), is filled with super-scale attack, it should be used in emergencies.

Robot Rampage Gameplay is simple to outrageous. The game is infinite and is not divided into levels - as we move on the screen will go more and more soldiers and tanks. Every 10 corpses restore health, but if the scale reaches a minimum the game ends and the result is written in the online table, connected to OpenFeint.
As always in games Origin8 schedule Robot Rampage is made by the Principal level, and the overall quality of the execution leaves only positive impressions. If you are tired of complicated and Cool game - note the Robot Rampage.