Roboros 2 (by Inlogic Software)

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Роборос 2 Роборос 2 Роборос 2
Роборос 2 Роборос 2 Роборос 2

Roboros 2 is an action jump-n-running game. Put yourself in robot`s Roboros place, who got fed up with being a prisoner in processor. Help him to find the way out of there, shoot plenty of enemies, solve logical tasks or just do not get lost in complex circuits. Know how it is to be in processor or motherboard. Go, run, shoot, jump, teleport, hover, creep, hide but mostly show to Roboros that his journey was not vain, that computer is not whole the world...

Роборос 2 Роборос 2

Game features:
» 17 levels
» 3different locations
» Detailed pixel graphic
» Music and sound effects
» Top score
» Secret levels 

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