Line Runner 2 (Flash)

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Line Runner is back! Race through different obstacles by drawing a path for your runner. Collect rings for speed while avoiding the purple mines.
In addition to new levels and bosses, I introduce "LR Designer" - a built-in software for creating and sharing your own levels. Each level you upload to Newgrounds is entitled a scoreboard of its very own.

MOUSE MOVE - draw path
LEFT CLICK - dodge up or down
SPACE - pause
ARROWS - volume adjust

Popeye (by Namco)

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Capturing the spirit of the classic ‘80s arcade hit, Popeye lets players relive his perennial quest to win back his sweetie, Olive Oyl, while overcoming the antics of his rival, Bluto. Players help Popeye win her back by collecting Olive’s love tokens in this mobile-optimized update to the popular arcade classic. Collect the hearts, musical notes and cries of “H-E-L-P” that a captured Olive tosses down to collect bonus points, while avoiding the Sea Hag’s thrown bottles, Bluto’s punches and other dangers. True to the comic and cartoon series, Popeye is “strong to the finich” if he eats his spinach, temporarily gaining the strength to go after Bluto and knock him off the screen. Players can redeem earned points to view Popeye comic’s right on their mobile phone. Play Popeye by Namco in arcade or enhanced mode (filled with action-packed new levels and character cameos). 

Help Popeye win back his sweetie by collecting all the tokens of affection she throws down to him in each level.
• Sweetheart round: hearts
• Love Notes round: music notes
• The Black Barnacle round: letters H-E-L-P
• A Dream Walking round: letter Zs (Enhanced Mode only)

Skeeball (by Gameloft)

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Enjoy the first official Skee-Ball game for mobile devices! Compete in dozens of events across 10 locations in America and win championships to unlock new challenges as well as new skins for your balls and machines. Play Skee-Ball, Scat Cats or Alley Hoops to try and beat your high scores! Watch the replays of your best shots to show off your skills or step into battle mode to play against up to 4 of your friends on the same device. Everything that makes Skee-Ball fun is now on your cell phone!
* The official Skee-Ball license for the first time on your cell phone!
* 3 types of gameplay faithfully re-created to provide you with 
all the fun of Skee-Ball, Scat Cats and Alley Hoops!
* Dozens of challenges and events to play and unlock across 10 classic 
American locations, from New York City to Seattle and even Roswell, New Mexico!
* All kinds of unlockable achievements earned by performing spectacular shots! 
You can also try to win new game modes and skins for your balls and machines!
* A Battle mode that lets you play with up to 4 people on
the same device for even more fun and enjoyment!
* A replay mode to watch your best shots again and again along with a statistics 
section that records all of your past shots and best performances!

Age Of Heroes 3D (by Qplaze)

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Age of Heroes 3D will not only retain all the features of previous games, but will 
implement many new features previously only available in PC games


* Hero will have realistic visibility zone;
* Night and day will appear on the map, it will influence creatures’ behavior;
* Rotation of the camera will allow to see area surrounding hero and hidden objects;
* 3D animation and light effects will allow spectacle magic on adventure map and in battle;
* 3D maps will become bigger and adventures will be more interesting and longer;
* Altitude maps will be added into the battle, they will affect 
efficiency of units, and realistic obstacles – water, rocks, trees;
* In battle, camera will rotate allowing to see all battlefield or control one unit at short distance.

RLS-Date: 2008 



Stolen Christmas (by Net Lizard)

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New Years Eve Baba Yaga and Koschey kidnapped Snow White with all the presents of Santa Claus! They are demanding a ransom-million, and threatened to spoil the holiday. Help our beloved grandfather to find his granddaughter and save New Year! You can play alone or with a friend via Bluetooth!

(Language: Russian)

(thanks to @Marjan & @BerON)

NOTE: You can install this game directly from your phone!

Gremlins Spellforce (by Q-Plaze)

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Gremlins Spellforce

Do you know what to do when gremlins knock at your city’s gate?
When their short but very sharp claws scratch at the houses doors and grim laughter dings in your ears even at night?When the smoke of their siege machines almost covers the sun and battle airships start to scrape the weathercocks on the towers?

Gremlins Spellforce Gremlins Spellforce Gremlins Spellforce

    * Original and vivid game in fantasy style;
    * Plenty of non-typical characters, equipment and animation;
    * Unusual and absorbing gameplay;
    * Dozens of colorful animations and special effects – spells, explosions and magic creatures;
    * Simple and easy-to-use controls;
    * High game speed on each and every phone model;
    * Game is available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish.

3D Real Mahjong (by Q-Plaze)

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3D Real Mahjong

Modern realization of ancient China game legacy, proceeding to surprise us over and over again. Captivating and completely 3D logical game immersing you into the world of hieroglyphs, clicking counters and relaxing music.

3D Real Mahjong 3D Real Mahjong 3D Real Mahjong
As in classical mahjong, your aim is to combine counters with the same images by pairs, making them disappear. There is one, but very important distinction, brought by 3D era – now you can turn and turn over the pyramid, taking her to pieces from up and down. This way you can play with two pyramids simultaneously, this is unusual but very easy.
You deal with 30 double pyramids, and beautiful landscapes as a background for playing.
And excellent graphics, pleasant sound, intuitive and understandable rules – is there something else letting you spend your time in a good way?

•    Light and pleasant gameplay relaxing your nerves;
•    Excellent and bright 3D graphics;
•    Intuitive and simple gameplay;
•    Stylish and beautiful art design;
•    Ancient puzzle requiring persistence and logical thinking, and causing steady addiction to the game;

Zynga Poker (v1.0.0)

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Live Poker FREE by ZyngaGood news for Texas Hold’em Fans. Finally the most popular Zynga Poker Android is now Available. Just to remind you, Zynga has some 6 million player on Facebook and there is an estimated 9000 online player every minute come to visit Zynga’s Poker Table. Play LIVE against your friends!  Choose a seat at a 5 or 9 person table with blinds up to a million chips or compete in Sit-N-Go tournaments. Win up to $1 million chips in the Daily Lottery!  Free 10K chips with download!

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

-Free 7000 chips with download
-Receive up to 1 million free chips in the Daily Lottery
- Send and receive free chip gifts!

iPhone Screenshot 3

 iPhone Screenshot 5

-Play LIVE against your friends or over 6 million daily Facebook players and compete over 3G Network or WIFI
- Locate your online friends and join them at their table with a click of a button
-Chat with others at your table
-Celebrate a great hand by buying beers for the table
-Play 5 person or 9 person tables
-Change tables with ease

Zynga Poker (.apk) ~ ANDROID
Zynga Poler (.ipa) ~ iPHONE 

Leap Sheep! (v1.0.2)

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Leap Sheep! is a fast and fun action game for all ages where players compete on OpenFeint for high scores and woolly awards by leaping an ever growing flock of sheep over a fence!

Tap the cute fuzzies to jump them over the fence (they’re not smart enough to do it on their own you know). Tap them again while in the air to make them do a trick. Perform tricks to earn Rams. Send out Rams to bash stuck sheep over the fence. Stack too many sheep against the fence and you lose. Successful leap streaks increase your points multiplier, earning you outrageous scores!

The Oregon Trail HD (v1.1.2)

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Westward, Ho! We're headin' for Oregon! Your favorite pioneering adventure game is now available in a refreshing side-scrolling adventure! From Independence, MO, to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, build real-life decision-making and problem-solving skills as you choose your wagon party and supplies, read maps, plan your route and guide your party through the unknown frontier. Survive the dangers of the long journey, from raging rivers and bear attacks to sickness and starvation, in the renowned historical adventure.

World Pool Masters (by Player One)

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The World Pool Masters is the most established and important 
tournament in pool the biggest slickest and grandest event in the world.

Dead Strike Reloaded (v1.0)

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Dead Strike ReloadedFight your way through a sprawling 3D, zombie-infested city as four survivors attempt to stop an outbreak of the living dead.
The creation of an antidote depends on the group delivering a sample of the deadly virus to a hospital on the other side of the city. But as the foursome’s grim fight for survival continues, it becomes apparent that there’s more to the virus than anyone realized. As the group is systematically hunted by the ravenous living dead, they soon discover that these cannibalistic monsters aren’t as mindless as they look.

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4 iPhone Screenshot 5

• 46 levels, packed to bursting with legions of the undead.
• Unique abilities for each of the four characters.
• Ragdoll Physics!
• Listen your music while playing!
• Nice and smooth FPS controls type!
• Nine different weapons including flamethrower, mini-gun and chainsaw.
• Original soundtrack with music and lyrics by Adrien Volpi and Francois Gratecap.
• Dynamic pixel lighting, cube-mapping reflection, lens flare, fog, mist and all fancy effects you are looking for.
• Featuring true virtual analog stick (slide instead of single touch).
• Day and night battles.
• Choose a guns blazing action-packed approach or use stealth tactics to stay alive.
• Incredible AI allowing the undead to react to sounds and action, while communicating with each other in real time.
• Frantic boss and horde battles.
• Expansive and detailed 3D worlds to explore.
• Rich, gripping storyline, edited by Pure Square Go.
• Buckets of blood, special effects with sprays and splashes for full-on horror effect.
• High scores.
• Cheats.