Men in Black 3 (by Gameloft)

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Become Agent J in this faithful adaptation of one of 2012's most anticipated movies: Men In Black 3.Fight aliens through many different locations from the movie in both the present day and in 1969. Access a wide range of MIB weapons and gadgets like the famous Noisy Cricket and use them in 8 different levels including: Manhattan, Coney Island, Cape Canaveral, and of course, MIB Headquarters. Meet dozens of aliens recreated from the Men In Black universe.

Painkiller: Purgatory HD (v1.0.3)

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PC Games' BEST SHOOTER of the year is now on your Android Device!
Painkiller: Purgatory HD is the most intense, gripping 3D action shooter available on your smartphone or tablet! Get ready to experience the most mind-numbing, blood-curdling 3D battles your mobile device can deliver.

Trapped in a dark and unwelcoming world, awaiting purification for your earthly sins, you must fight through an endless number of enemy warriors as you attempt to stop the imminent Unholy War and overthrow Lucifer. But even if you win this insane battle, you must still take out hordes of howling devils eager to avenge their master. You are the angel's only prayer...


* Over-the-top weapons
* Painkiller's trademark giant boss battles
* Incredible, highly-detailed art
* Three levels of difficulty:
* Insomnia
* Nightmare (unlockable)
* Trauma (unlockable)
* Unlock twenty all-new achievements
* Collect souls to heal yourself
* Weapons with alternate fire modes
* Original soundtrack and sound effects
* Dark, gripping atmosphere
* Painkiller's marathon boss battles


Ice Age Village (v1.0)

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The official Ice Age app is here! Scrat’s hunt for his favorite acorn has opened a crack in the earth’s crust, sending the animals scurrying for safety. Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid decide to build a new village for their displaced friends. Help them in this heroic challenge and get ready for fun and surprises along the way!

  • Immerse yourself in the unique world of Ice Age and interact with all of your favorite characters
  • Play mini-games featuring Scrat, everyone’s favorite saber-toothed squirrel
  • Level-up to gain access to new animal species, cool buildings, unique decorations and much more
  • Funny quests, side missions and additional daily challenges keep your village bustling with activity
  • Invite friends from Gameloft LIVE! & Facebook, visit their villages, lend a hand and get rewarded
  • Stay tuned for exclusive sneak peeks of the new film, Ice Age: Continental Drift


for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad (FREE)

for Android (FREE)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies (v1.2.1)

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Adapted from the best-selling console hit and built specifically for tablets and smartphones, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies delivers maps and weapons never before seen on mobile, and 50 levels of "Dead-Ops Arcade," a 50-level zombie gauntlet that provides the ultimate undead challenge for fans of Call of Duty’s signature zombie warfare.

Play solo or join a team of up to 4 players as you mow down hordes of zombies with Call of Duty’s all-new interface, now featuring Voice Chat for the first time ever.


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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (v1.00)

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Wolverine & Iron Man VS. Ryu & Chun-Li! One of the most popular arcade-fighting games of all time arrives on the App Store for your iOS tablet or mobile device! Marvel vs. Capcom 2 brings together legendary characters from the Marvel and Capcom franchises to duke it out in an insane, action-packed, tag-team fighting experience. Pit your favorite heroes in dream match-ups thanks to the robust 56-character roster. With the 2-player versus-mode, unlockable secrets and characters, you better buckle up and prepare to be taken for a ride!

・A full-featured port of one of the best fighting games of all-time
・Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has previously only been enjoyed in arcades and consoles for over a decade. Now enjoyable anywhere, anytime with the iOS version.
・Deep 56 Character Roster Featuring Characters from the Marvel and Capcom franchises
・One of the largest character rosters in any fighting game to date
・Bringing together Marvel’s greatest comic-book heroes and Capcom’s fiercest video-game fighters
・Versus Mode Battles
・Users can connect with other iPhone users via Bluetooth and play against each other
・New streamlined touchscreen controls optimized for iOS
・Introducing the “Flick Button,” a new control feature that streamlines complex inputs


Shadowgun (v1.1.3)

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SHADOWGUN puts you into the role of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter. Your mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, maniacal genius and leader of his own mutant army. Infiltrate Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress and fight his personal guard of cyborgs, battle droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistance of S.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant—SHADOWGUN combines intense tactical combat with 3rd person action.

- Featuring the most advanced combat A.I. to date—enemies flank, seek cover, and utilize teamwork to take you down! Battle automated sentries, aerial drones, and other lethal foes—tactical maneuvers are based upon actual military strategy!
- Solve hacking mini-games to whet your nerdly appetite, then get back to blasting!

- It ain’t just pretty—it’s gorgeous! Advanced lighting effects, beautifully rendered environments, and pro voices make this one of the most advanced games for your smartphone!

- Immersive storyline with multiple outcomes! You decide how it ends!
- The first installment in a major franchise!
- Unlock the detailed “Shadowpedia”, and read more about the SHADOWGUN universe!

- Survive the onslaught of Dr. Simon’s deadly creations, including level bosses, mutated grunts, killer machines, and more!

- The story directly follows the events of original Shadowgun
- New datadisc is free
- 4 new levels
- New enemy creature
- New gun
- New type of gaming interaction
- New collectibles
- New soundtrack
- Lot of new graphics, animations and cutscenes


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The Avengers (by Gameloft)

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With the help of alien invaders, Loki seeks to conquer Earth. But first he must divide and conquer the only ones that can stop him: The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.
Play as the Avengers - Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man or Thor - and fight against Loki and his alien allies as they seek to conquer Earth. Charge headlong into exciting gameplay with eight levels, including flying levels and locations faithfully recreated from the movie.

- 4 playable Avengers (The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man)
- Each Avenger has his own unique special skills and attacks
- Fight against a variety of enemies and bosses
- Varied gameplay with flying, combo and projectile attacks and unlockable upgrades to your powers
- Locations and environments faithfully recreated from the movie


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PowerOn is a simply, but surprisingly tricky puzzle game from Frosty Pixel Games. Based on the old 1970's electronic handheld game "Merlin" the idea is simple - turn the power on to every light in the grid. Things of course are never that simple, and turning one light on can cause adjacent lights to turn off.

The concept is nothing new, but the app has a modern almost industrial design, and a slick user interface. 60 levels getting progressively more difficult, and a best score for each will keep you coming back to try and get the gold star on every level.

Designer and programmer Billy Deakin, founder of Frosty Pixel Games, said that "PowerOn is really a proof of concept for us. We come from a Flash game development background, so we wanted to build a game fro the ground up in Actionscript. We chose PowerOn as it's a remake of a Flash game we made back in 2003. Now we've been through the entire development process, from design to publishing on the app store, we're looking to get some more in depth and unique games published later this year".

Frosty Pixel Games have a second game currently "in review" with Apple, and a third game due to launch in May so watch this space! PowerOn is free to download, retina ready, and though currently iPhone and iPod Touch only there is an iPod version to follow shortly.

Soul Calibur (by Namco)

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The premier weapon-based fighting game is now available for your mobile phone. Experience the epic struggle between the legendary Soul Calibur and Soul Edge swords. Wield powerful weapons and deliver punishing combos against seven iconic characters from the SOULCALIBUR franchise each with their own unique fighting style and critical finishing moves. Who will claim the ultimate sword?


MonTowers: Monster Mayhem & Collection

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BuffStone’s MonTowers has players collecting, raising, and fighting a stable of fierce, fantastical monsters in order to climb to the highest levels of the MonTowers.
The game begins with the player learning about the process of summoning and upgrading monsters in order to conquer the Novice Tower. Doesn’t sound too imposing, but the towers certainly get more ominously named: Dark, Blood, Doom, Brutal, Demon, and Hell Towers complete the set.

To defeat the towers, the player’s monsters must fight and win against the new monster featured on each of the tower’s levels. Winning also earns prizes—a potion, token, or monster coin, in addition to the experience points required to level up. In order to summon new monsters, the player needs the coin for the monster to be summoned—the Werebat is summoned with the Werebat coin, for example. In addition to the coin, each summoning requires a certain number of elemental gems that the player collects from the Field. Air, Earth, Water, Soul, and Fire gems are easy to collect, but only a certain number can be collected in a given period of time before the player has to wait for their energy to replenish.

Most of the game’s interface is focused on utilizing its various menus. MonTowers is very much a collection game rather than an action title, although the player does participate in the monster battles by choosing the moment his or her monsters attack. During the battles, a bar across the bottom of the screen is displayed. In the center is a red section, and when the silver timer enters this section, it represents the optimum time to strike. The player can use up to three of his or her monsters in each battle, choosing them after viewing the opponent’s stats.

As with most collection games, the primary appeal of MonTowers is completing one’s collection. There are (judging by the available slots) 200 monsters to collect. Each can also be upgraded twice, and upgrading enhances the monster’s appearance. Monsters range from adorable (like the elfin brownie) to ferocious (like the goblin) to positively creepy (like the living doll—a sort of eyeless anime manikin).

When a monster is unsummoned or killed, it can be resummoned with the appropriate gems, but loses its upgrades. Upgrades require in-game currency—tokens. Tokens are also used for instant summons and upgrades (the waiting time for each gets progressively longer as the player acquires more advanced monsters). All in all, the game is extremely satisfying for the sort of compulsive, detail oriented gamer that delights in collection games. MonTowers parallels collectible card games in that way.
The game’s graphics aren’t really revolutionary, but they’re bright, clear, and imaginative. The fight scene sound effects are great, and the rest of the audio is clearly intended to be unobtrusive, arcade-like background music, and it succeeds.

The $0.99 download fee includes the entire game (there are no expansions for paid download at this time), and with 200 monsters, some very challenging combat levels, and plenty of upgrades to keep players busy, that’s a lot of game for under a buck. Where it might hit your wallet, depending on your personal level of impatience, is in-app purchases. Tokens are available for cash purchase, and with tokens required to upgrade, skip wait times, and open up more spots in the “lab” to keep monsters on call for battle, you’ll want more than you have, and they’re acquired slowly within the game. They’re not terribly expensive, though, so MonTowers is still a great deal. It’s available now in the iTunes App Store.

Lucky Fighter (iOS): Underdog Overachiever Rock-Paper-Scissors-Slaps To Victory

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Like a lot of casual games, a very brief description of Hiccup Studio’s new Lucky Fighter will leave you scratching your head. Play rock-paper-scissors against 100 bad guys? That’s the premise?

Not only is that the premise, it turns out to be a shockingly fun, totally addictive one. Of course, that’s partly because playing rock-paper-scissors is only the first thing you notice. Lucky Fighter is packing more of a punch than you might think at first glance. Literally.
It’s not RPS that will crown you or crush you in Lucky Fighter—this funny little game is really strategy disguised as action disguised as a puzzler. See, your hero faces off against a gang of 100 bullies, and they aren’t the type to settle things with reasonable conversation. Instead, it’s a slapping, punching, ass-kicking duel. Only it’s 100 such duels in a row.

Rock-paper-scissors is how you “roll” to determine who gets to land a blow. The villains line up for your beat-down (or to beat you down, depending on how “lucky” your fighter really is), and you tap the icon representing how you’ll throw down. Lose, get a punch in the nose. Win, land your own slap. But really, the RPS factor is secondary—it’s those three item slots on the lower right that will determine the final outcome.

That’s where the strategy aspect comes in. After all, you can’t really do much to affect your wins and losses in RPS against an AI. Lucky Fighter’s programming is not going to be taken in by the psych-outs you can pwn your little sister with. Your real goal here is for your HP to survive the onslaught. To earjn your Game Center bragging rights, you’ll have to make good use of the in-game special items. These give you the ability to peek ahead at opponents moves, recover hit points, and deploy your secret weapons, among other goodies. Your secret weapons are two ninja ringers that will come in and play for you for a while. And when you win, you can brag it out on Twitter or other social networks, and post a pic. Not some generic game still, either, but your own customized character against any background you can aim a camera at. You can insert your face over the character’s and pose the hero anywhere you want… there’s potential for some hilarious photos here, folks.

Lucky Fighter stands apart from the competition in another way. The art direction. It’s a gritty, comic book style that gives Lucky Fighter an entirely different vibe than most of the other casual games out there. And we’re talking indie alternative stuff, not Marvel. The bullies you’re up against are huge variety of freaks and thugs complete with multi-colored hair and fishnets and super creepy expressions. Somehow, this plays well with the cute stuff, making Lucky Fighter’s style serendipitously chaotic.

For only $0.99, Lucky Fighter doesn’t ask much of an investment, and this unique, addictive, fun little title deserves the chance to reel you in. It’s in the iTunes App Store right now!

Torrents at Mobers.ORG

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I present to you , TORRENTS at Mobers.ORG. Right now there are only few games available for download but I'll be adding a lot more games to this section in the next few days. Please don't forget to seed after you download. We recommend you to use uTorrent (as a bitTorrent client).

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