Run and Jump of the Monster Age Temple

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Run and Jump with the Monster Age Temple! Test your reflexes as you race down in the old Greece. This is a new fresh exhilarating endless running game with amazin Graphics and Sounds!You want to be a Centaur ? a Minotaur, or something else ? It is up to you! Collect as much coins as possible and select your character. Go all the way in the Monster Age Temple!

S Health

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Stay active and fit with the Samsung GALAXY S4.
It will track your workouts, daily intake,
and weight levels. Get the current status of your surroundings
for your activities with the Samsung GALAXY S4’s Comfort Level.
It shows your comfort level based on temperature and humidity.
Monitor your progress with both Health Board and various charts.
Together with the Samsung GALAXY S4,
being motivated for better health has never been so easy.

Karateka Classic (v1.0)

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A side-scrolling karate classic from 1984! The first game by the creator of Prince of Persia, Karateka arrives on Android with all the challenge and charm of the original Apple II experience. Fight as the lone hero to save the princess from the evil warlord Akuma. His relentless guards and pesky hawk will challenge your skill whether you remember the original, have played the remake, or are experiencing Karateka for the first time.

Downhill Supreme!

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Launch off a huge jumps, balance in mid-air, fly over the rock sections and time the perfect landing. Welcome to the thrilling world of Downhill Supreme! It's addictive, action-packed sports game where your skills will be tested in order to become downhill cycling superstar. Have you got what it takes? Some of the features of the game that are likely to attract the eye of gaming enthusiasts include 48 thrilling tracks, three stunning locations, bike builder that lets players build their dream bike by using 27 branded parts and three different control options including tilt, joystick and button. All this would simply means a lot of options for players to have fun the way they like it. In addition, a majority of DCLs would be available free of charge.

Fast and Furious 6 (by Gameloft)

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Dodge international criminal group of guns across Europe from Moscow to London.

Smash Cops (v1.08.00)

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Join over 4 million players worldwide who are raving about the hit game, Smash Cops.
With over 30 missions to play, 8 vehicles to collect and 7 mini games, Smash Cops is an intense action racing game which pits your driving skills against felons desperate to outrun you in wild chases. Play Smash Cops though your HD TV. Smash Cops supports Apple’s great Airplay technology so you can now play it through your HD TV via an Apple TV.

Tekken Card Tournament (v1.0.30)

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TEKKEN goes free-to-play for the first time ever with TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT. Now players can take TEKKEN with them everywhere and launch into card battles with skill-matched players from around the world. 
TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT features the stunning 3D visuals players expect from TEKKEN, with electrifying turn-based card battling that’s fun right from the start and loaded with satisfying depth. The launch of the physical TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT Game Cards early summer 2013 will bring real-world crossover to the gameplay, with unique QR codes letting players instantly add the card to their digital deck in-game, and Augmented Reality to bring the characters to life in players’ environments. Now players can give their TEKKEN iron fist a workout anytime, anywhere.

Downhill Supreme - Exciting iOS mountain bike game

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Tuesday saw the launch of official website as well as Facebook page for the much anticipated iOS game – Downhill Supreme. The game is scheduled to be launched on May 22, 2013. Speaking on the occasion, representative of the company said, “We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our website as well as Facebook page and hope to provide a medium for the enthusiasts and game lovers to connect, interact and provide feedback related to the game.” 

Giveaway: Penny Arcade On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3

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The Startling Developments Detective Agency springs into action as On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 begins, set in motion by a call from a mysterious source. The ever escalating perils on the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness will season our tender heroes to their very core!

Ninja Slash (v1.2)

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RUN like a ninja and SLASH the zombies!

- Dynamic gameplay, realised with real-time physics
- Colorful HD graphics
- 100 missions
- Simple swipe controls for easy dodging and slashing
- Various ninja scrolls to aid you on your quest

Fangz (v1.1)

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The final undead shooter arrived.
99% rejoice! Here's your chance to make the 1% pay for their sins. Shoot, slash and smash lawyers, bankers and other vampires, in beautifully hand drawn worlds, made by world renowned artist Alex Gallego.

Dart Rules

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That App Should be on every bodies mobile right away! This little helper will clarify all disputes about Dart Rules, whether in a professional tournament (Official WDF rules) or in a game with friends in your favorite pub! Also there are more than 20 different games included, if you are curious trying something new.

Giveaway: Groupees BeMine 8

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Groupees BeMine 8 is live!! Get games , Get music , Support charity. $1 minimum, pay more - get more!! What are you waiting for?

Wasabi Pea Invaders

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A white hole opening near earth releases a new enemy, the "Wasabi Pea Invaders". Geared with the last ship geared for war, you take it upon yourself to destroy the invaders before they get to Earth!

Unstack 2

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Unstack 2 is a simple, yet gripping block removal game. The concept that out as a twist on the game mechanics of Tetris but since has grown in its own right. It was release into the Google Play store in April 2013. Unstack 2 is a highly improved version of a 2011 game. Where the original used MacRuby, the new version comes in Lua using the CoronaSDK. 

Runtastic Pull-Ups PRO (v1.4)

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Do you want a stronger back, pecs, and upper arms? Now you can improve your strength and reach new fitness goals with the Runtastic PullUps PRO App! The Runtastic PullUps PRO App is your personal pull-up trainer that implements an easy-to-follow, scientific sports training plan. The progressive workout plan will help you build strength and see continuous improvement in your overall fitness and strength training capacity.
Unique recognition of your pull-ups: Put your smartphone in your pocket near your hip and pull-ups are automatically counted using the accelerometer on your smartphone.

Runtastic Squats PRO (v1.4)

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Do you want to shape and strengthen your legs and glutes? With the Runtastic Squats PRO App as your personal trainer, you can now improve your leg strength and reach new fitness goals.
The app is your personal squat trainer that implements an easy-to-follow, scientific sports training plan. The progressive workout plan will help you build strength in your quads and glutes, and you’ll see continuous improvement in your overall fitness and strength training capacity as you work towards completion of the training plan. Unique recognition of your squats: Squats are counted automatically using the accelerometer on your smartphone or tablet.

Runtastic Push-Ups PRO (v1.4)

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Your personal push-up trainer that helps you reach your exercise and strength training goals with an efficient, easy-to-follow plan. Think it can’t be that easy? Let runtastic show you otherwise! With the free Runtastic PushUps PRO App, you can achieve your fitness goals with the guidance of trained professionals. You will be motivated to workout harder, strengthen your muscles, and you will have fun in the process! Not only will your push up capacity improve, you’ll also realize results in your overall fitness and your overall strength training capacity (i.e. bench press).

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO (v1.2)

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Check your heart rate anytime, anywhere - when you wake up, before and after exercise, or before a big meeting. The Runtastic Heart Rate PRO App will measure your heartbeat with great accuracy, using your smartphone camera sensor! Instant, accurate, and excellent for the health and fitness community. Download the Runtastic Heart Rate PRO App today.

Runtastic Sit-Ups PRO (v1.4.1)

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Flatten your stomach, build muscle, and get those abs to start showing with the Runtastic SitUps PRO App!
With the Runtastic SitUps PRO App, you can now achieve your core strength and midsection fitness goals. The app is your personal sit up trainer, which implements an easy-to-follow, scientific sports training plan. The progressive plan will help you build strength and see constant improvement in your overall fitness and your overall strength training capacity.
Unique recognition of your sit-ups: Sit-ups are counted automatically using the accelerometer on your smartphone or tablet.

Camera Hoax

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Weather it is a ghost or an alien, zombie, ufo or anything paranormal, this is the
best place to find them. Just take a picture and add one of the real looking scary stickers.

Camera Hoax is a virtual special FX photo app which offers different prop item to be placed on an image. These items includes a variety of UFOs, aliens, scary ghosts, dinosaurs, creepy faces, ferocious animals and many more. The user interface of camera hoax is pretty neat and east to get around in no time. In order to start creating scary pictures either click a picture from the app or select one from the photo library, place one or more stickers available in the app onto you picture resize and rotate it to fit the image. 

Dungeon Wagon 3D

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5/5 Stars "Amazing Graphics! You're gonna love this game!", Abhinav Gupta, Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc.

5/5 Stars "Now this is an amazing app! I know you may get this 100 times, but the graphic IS REALLY LOVELY. Great app indeed, easy to control. Totally recommend!", aadvdrak

5/5 Stars "Fun Game. Great 3D graphics. So simple to learn yet challenging to play. My only suggestion, would like the controls to be a bit more responsive since you're trying to beat the clock. Definitely recommended.", LanGodess

Long ago, a magical wagon was found that allowed those who possessed magical looking glasses to control it...This wagon lies hidden in a Dungeon...We must recover this magical wagon! Using your looking glass of the future, you brave and noble souls, go forth and help guide this wagon through the vast and magical mazes in Dungeon Wagon!