Giveaway #3

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1x Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World
Steam key

Requires Steam account!
Good luck!

Deep Sea Catch

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Deep Sea Catch is an exciting arcade shooting game based in the watery depths of the ocean. Its steam punk style is a visual treat while the player powers up their sub-marine ship’s gun turret to catch wondrous ocean fishes. The game is more than just about catching fishes and filling up the player’s pockets with gold coins. It includes a diver for the player to retrieve elusive treasures from the sea bed which provide many surprising virtual rewards.

Players have an aquarium where they can keep fishes they have caught. Each fish will grant them benefits in their next fish catching session. These benefits come in an assortment of bonuses from double damage to double experience points etc. In addition, a player can navigate around the sea by using the motion sensor of the device to adventure around the map, looking for treasures and the mysterious secret locations such as Sharkfest where no sea creatures dare dwell except the fearsome great white and hammerheads.

The game will enthral players with its addictive game play and aesthetic graphics and its multiplayer option will allow up to four players on the iPad for more family fish fun entertainment! Players who level up will have access to more power ups and ability to catch rare fishes.

Features include:
- Over 10 wondrous sea creatures
- Player level ups
- An aquarium
- Unlock fishes for bonuses
- Diver to retrieve treasure chests
- Mysterious treasures & rewards
- Explore the sea through navigating with gyro-motion tilts
- Uncover dangerous seas
- Seek out hidden messages


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1x Metal Drift Steam key

1. Steam Account (obviously)
2. Luck!


Caveman's Prophecy (v1.0.5800)

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Experience an epic and unique adventure into the heart of the first civilization with Timebuilders: Caveman’s Prophecy. Guide your tribe out of its cave and through evolution. Try acquiring new territories and build villages while completing various missions as fast as you can. Use your skills in order to efficiently manage the efforts of your people while building many inventions they will need during their quest. Make sure you keep an eye on dinosaurs, carnivorous plants and saber-toothed tigers that constantly threaten your tribe!

•40 challenging puzzles
•Breathtaking graphics
•A fun, unique and original narrative!
•Make your tribe evolve!
•Experience more exciting adventures from the Tibebuilders series with The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising!


The Sims 3 (v1.2.11)

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Enjoy this award winning experience of The Sims – optimized for Android!Choose your Sim’s appearance, clothing, and accessories. Make them funny or make them shy. Lose yourself in the amazing 3D open-world environment and discover what kind of character your Sim will turn out to be. Fulfill their basic needs while unlocking over 70 goals and wishes to help your Sims their fill potentials.
The Sims 3 WA iPhone 1
  • Enjoy hours of fun as you shape your Sims and their world
  • Choose appearances, clothing, personality traits, and accessories, and bring your Sims to life
  • Lose yourself in the amazing open-world environment
  • Discover what kinds of characters your Sims will turn out to be
  • Fulfill your Sims' essential needs like eating and sleeping to increase the number of activities your Sims can do
  • Unlock and achieve 73 Goals and Wishes to help your Sims reach their full potentials


for iPhone / iPod Touch

Metal Slug 2013 (by Unknown)

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No description available...


Stickman BMX (v1.1)

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Our hero Stickson returns in the latest installment to test his skills on a street BMX bike. Do you have what it takes to survive the wide variety of terrain including forests, cities, oil refineries and the ultimate test that is living hell! Simple to pick-up-and-play with plenty of depth to keep the avid gamer entertained for hours.

Features Include:
* 60 Fast paced scrolling levels packed full of excitement.
* Wonderfully detailed locations with interactive obstacles and inhabitants.
* Hundreds of combinations of real BMX tricks.
* Hidden paths and routes in all levels to explore.
* Completely re-engineered physics engine.
* Gamecenter leaderboards and achievements.
* In-app purchase: Race the Ace - Race against the computer in 30 all new levels.
* In-app purchase: Skateboard - Skate fans can now choose to ride a skateboard instead of BMX in all levels of the game.


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narod - 16.0 MB

CSR Racing (v1.0.7)

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Race your dream car in the ultimate test: a drag race along deserted city streets. CSR Racing combines stunning, high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay to create a new type of racing experience. Upgrade your Audi R8, BMW M3 or Chevy Corvette with turbos, nitrous injection and aerodynamic tweaks to beat tougher and tougher opponents. And when you’re ready, it’s time to challenge the crews that rule the city.

Featuring a breakthrough in graphics fidelity, CSR Racing smashes the barriers between consoles and your iPhone or iPad. Full retina resolution and next-gen lighting combine to beat any 1080p console racing game on the market.

Officially licensed cars from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Mini and Nissan; incl. Audi R8, Ford GT, Chevrolet Camaro, Nissan GT-R, BMW M3 and a few surprises!

R8 vs GT-R. Corvette vs M3. Your car against theirs. In a straight line. It's about power, skill and tactics. Hit the right revs and let that turbo work. But deploy the nitrous at the wrong time, and you're toast.

Choose from turbos, engine stages, ECU tweaks, racing tires and much more to strategically upgrade your car to fit your driving style. But remember: no two cars are the same – don't overload a RWD on skinny tires with power it can't handle.

Make a statement with custom license plates, custom paints and original custom decals.

You are not alone. The crews that rule the city are watching you, and you will soon face their best drivers. Beat their bosses, and you'll take over their district. So far so good – but all is not what it seems…


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2x Steam game codes: 
Revelations 2012 and Guns of Icarus

1. You must have Steam account (obviously)
2. You have to be contributor
3. If you're a winner you have to activate it to your account (do not trade)


Plants vs. Zombies 2012 (by Unknown)

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Meet the clone of Plants vs Zombies for Java! Friendly style courtyards, streets, urban scene, hot deserts, new zombies, colorful graphics, dozens of levels and tasks, fun and exciting.

You play as hell plant, which mercilessly destroys the evil zombies in their territories. For firing plants you need sunlight, so look for an indicator at the top. In the arsenal you have enough weapons to level up. Buy and use the additional weapons from the store.

The game sends free* SMS. If you are afraid, then play in flight mode or without SIM card!
* not tested


240x320 (K800)

Play Gangster City Online

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Gangster City is a FREE multiplayer RPG game. At Gangster City, you are free to choose your own path. A city without control, Gangster City is the Home land of corruption with the highest rate of Killings and Other Unthinkable crimes. Whether you want to train your stats and become the strongest to survive, or dedicate your self to creating a gang, and become one of the more respected and feared. What you do on Gangster city is unlimited! Just Remember if you live by the Gun you will die by the Gun. If you think you have what it takes to dominate then join now and make your way to the top. 

How to join?
It's simple to join all you have to do is register through this register page which will ask for your email address, username, password etc and your ready to play.

Age rating?
Kids also play this game so it is PG-13+  no one under the age of 13 should join because people will swear in this game, be rude etc but if a player is being treated badly then he can report to the staff member.

Can i play with my friends?
Yes you can play with your friends in fact their is a referral system which allows you to give your friends a link from your account and when your friend joins Gangster City through that link they have not only joined the game but when they reach a specific level they will get some in-game items and more.

How many accounts am i allowed?
You are only allowed one account per ip address which means if a user/player is caught with more than 1 account on the same ip address they will be banned for a period of time or even forever, so bare in mind if your family member want's to join the game on the same ip address ask the staff member first possibly the admin of secretary so then they know about this.

Does it cost to join?
Gangster City is completely free you can join and play for free unless you want to buy a donator pack, a donator pack gets your player/user faster energy, will and brave which is in-game feature also with that their are lots of options of donator pack for example you can buy donator pack 1, 2, 3 or other but with that you will also get more items in-game for example potions, crystals, money and more.

Gangster City in-game Screenshot:

Gangster City link:

Farm Frenzy 3 (v1.0.1)

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So you think you've mastered farming sims? Try running five exotic farms in one game! Farm Frenzy 3 challenges you to revamp farms from around the world that need your help! Conquer Farm Frenzy 3 and you may even find yourself president of the Farmer's Union!The Frenzy goes global as you compete in 95 fast-paced levels in places like the South Pole, Africa, Russia, the Wild West, and the untamed jungle. Feed 30 wild and crazy animals including walruses, penguins and llamas, while protecting your farm from dangerous jaguars, lions and bears!

When you catch a predator, dress it in a silly outfit and sell it for profit! Once you've recovered from laughing at his absurd attire, return to the business of growing crops, raising animals, collecting goods, purchasing production facilities, upgrading your warehouse and transportation, and buying and selling vital farming supplies.

Can you beat the highest score on Game Center or OpenFeint and prove you're the best virtual farmer in the world?

There's also iPad and Mac versions of this game! Check the App Store!

◇ 95 levels in five countries
◇ 30 animals, including five enemies
◇ 33 products to make
◇ 17 buildings and vehicles
◇ 16 trophies and achievements
◇ Retina display support
◇ Game Center support
◇ OpenFeint support

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iBlast Moki 2 HD (v1.1.1)

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The awards winning puzzle game iBlast Moki is back with an all new adventure in a colorful world of paint and bombs. In this new adventure, the Mokis will use the help of new gameplay elements such as the paint bombs and more crazy contraptions to reach the magic spiral.

- Explore 90 levels across 6 colorful worlds with more to come.
- Each location is packed with unique levels, using realistic physics and lots of different items to manipulate such as paint bombs, ropes, rising balloons, rotating wheels
- 6 beautiful and unique musics
- Beautiful Retina graphics

- Build new levels with the advanced physics editor which was used to create the entire game
- Only your imagination is the limit to what you can build, collect the many tools such as joints, motors, decoration, stickers and create some beautiful level with crazy contraptions
- Share your levels online and enjoy the puzzles created by thousands of players

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startfiles - 88.1 MB
narod - 88.1 MB

Agent Dash (v1.1)

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to destroy as many villainous bases as you can! Sprint through gorgeous environments, using secret agent skills to evade every hazard the evil megalomaniacs can throw at you, from laser beams and falling trees to skidding trucks and fiery lava.

Use spy gadgets to help you on your way; equip jetpacks, parachutes and even slow down time! When the going gets too tough, call in support from a back-up agent! And when the time comes, draw your weapons and pull the trigger to destroy the base and make your explosive escape as the building crumbles around you.

Compete with your Facebook friends no matter which device they use. Hone your skills and sharpen your reactions to make the perfect run and become Top Agent!

• Facebook Integration – easily connect and compete with your friends
• Intuitive controls – swipe to dodge, jump and slide your way past hazards
• Gorgeous graphics – stunning visuals that rush by at blistering speeds
• Explosive gameplay – frantic, dramatic infiltrations and white-knuckle escapes
• Unrivalled audio – dynamic music and visceral sound effects
• Gadgets galore – parachutes, jetpacks, magnets, slow-mo and more
• Cross platform - Sign into Facebook to save progress across all your devices
• Breathtaking excitement and much, much more