The Horrible Vikings (v1.1)

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Words can't describe how awesome this game is. Another catapult game, you say? No way! This game has charisma, awesome story telling, it is fun, it has tons of upgrades and tweaks to it, the controls are simple to understand and use. It is simply awesome. Why are you still reading this? Go hit the buy button! You won't regret it!

From the makers of the acclaimed game Earth Vs Moon comes a tale of Vikings who beat up Ninjas.

Set sail on the high seas and guide a small group of Vikings as they pillage, plunder and kidnap their way to riches. In your quest for gold you will launch Vikings high into the air and literally crush your enemies. By landing on them. You will kidnap the princess and use the ransom money to buy a better ship to kidnap the princess so you can ransom her again so you can buy a better ship! You will eat meat of indeterminant origin!

-Explore a vast world and uncover the mysteries of the orient. Vast!
-Compete with every single person on the entire planet via online leaderboards.
-Achieve achievements and get Open Feint gamerpoints. Without gamerpoints you are nothing!
-Lob bombs out of a catapult at ninja armies.
-You can buy a ship that looks like a snake!
-Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women!

The Horrible Vikings 1.1 (.ipa) - 36.7 MB