Alice in Wonderland (by Disney Mobile)

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Alice returns to Wonderland and must complete four fun games. The game features your favorite characters from the 1951 Disney Classic. Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, have a tea party with the Mad Hatter, play crazy croquet with the Queen of Hearts and solve the Caterpillar Catch. Two modes of play, dazzling animation, great music and high score leaderboards, make Alice a winner.

The player will be able to play through 3 mini games. Rabbit hole: Navigate through the rabbit hole by steering the falling Alice left and right. Player can increase the speed by pressing down, and decrease speed by pressing up. Caterpillar catch: The goal is to collect the colored bubble figures to the correct cup. As the cups?? color changes, the player has to collect the correct colored items. Picking a wrong color will eventually result in breaking the cup and losing the game. Tea Party: A musical chairs game where players move from seat to a seat, by pressing left/ right, trying to make sure they??re in the correct seat when the music ends. The player cannot reserve a seat for more than 5 seconds. Queen??s Croquet: Player tries to beat the Queen of Hearts in a croquet game. Pressing left/right aims the shot, and pressing and holding the OK key sets the power of the shot. Collecting playing cards by hitting them with the ball will give player the possibility to shot twice per round.

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