Snake in Copybook (by InLogic Software)

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A boy in class, instead of rewriting the board, began to draw in a notebook. He drew some stick, that is very similar to a snake. As soon as he began to scribble, I saw that the stick was turning into a snake and ate this scribble. Snake was moving!
language: Russian

Metal Gear Classic (by Konami / Connect2Media)

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Metal Gear has arrived for mobile. From the infamous Kojima Productions, Metal Gear has been reproduced for the first time. Metal Gear will appeal to casual gamers and fans of the franchise alike.



Thor: Son of Asgard (by Disney Mobile)

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Loki's cunning plan to take over Asgard fell, and now you have to beat off the attack Malekith, playing for the mighty Thor, armed with a hammer Mjolnir. Explore three very different worlds and fight with the wicked - Malekith, Enchantress, courses, and evidence. You are waiting for 13 levels, and as the game you will learn new combat techniques. The game is also the arena with a survival mode, where the Torah will need to survive against mobs of enemies

Wolf and Eggs 2 (by Net Lizard)

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The legendary game is back! "Well, wait!" Or "The Wolf and Eggs" Favorite game now acquired a colored dye and become more interesting and attractive. Catching balls, not giving rest gray wolf. This is a remake of the addictive game about a funny wolf from the same cartoon. Only now with great graphics and animations and lots of familiar soundtrack. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, will not be bored! The game is designed for all sensory (Touch Screen and Stylus and keyboard) phones. 


language : Russian

(supplied by @IGOR777)

PixiRacer (v1.5)

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PixiRacer is an endless racing game and just to spice up the game we have added add-ons. Use nitro to quickly by pass between blocks. Break through blocks with armor. Can't handle the speed? Use slow add-on to slow your speed two times! Become ultimate PixiRacer and submit your score to OpenFeint. Are you up for the challenge?
iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 5 iPhone Screenshot 4

Stress Attack (by Exelweiss Entertaiment)

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After a hard day at work, the Stress Attack Park is the best anti-stress therapy. Your only aim here is to destroy everything that comes into your path - destroy it all! You can release all that pent-up rage as you smash and bash a series of robotic opponents across a wide variety of prepared, thematic areas!

fbDownloader (Application)

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Download your tagged photos, friend photos and albums from facebook directly to your PC. Download facebook photos and albums. Download the photos you tagged in. Download facebook tagged photos. Download your friends' photos. Download facebook friends' photos.

Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land (by The Mighty Troglodytes)

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You are Sir Willy Woodcliff, the most famous British explorer of your
time. With the help of your closest collaborator and friend, the graceful and mysterious Miss Blake you will travel from Great Britain to Africa in order to discover an extraordinary and still unexplored world. Because a real story never occurred without a real villain, a mad scientist named Dr. Gustavo Fernandez Da Cruz who is crazy about your female friend will try to capture her and stop you in your quest.

Think! Up from the depths of the African
jungle comes a lost world fulfilled with wonders and dangers never
discovered before and ready to astound and amaze the modern world. Your
journey to these lands will lead you into the most incredible expedition of your time.


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(превод на играта - psydex)

Super Monkey Ball : Tip and Tilt 2 (by SEGA)

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Guide your favorite Super Monkey Ball to victory by tilting and rolling them through crazy sloping courses on the Ipod! In five colorful worlds with 110 stages, you’ll have plenty of banana-collecting fun as you speed AiAi, MeeMee, Baby or GonGon to the goal gate before the timer runs down. With each monkey inside of a transparent ball, you must tilt the device to roll the monkey past a range of obstacles such as gaps, slopes, narrow ledges and moving platforms. With a pinpoint control mechanism, players will simply tilt and turn the device to maneuver their monkey, accelerating and decelerating as they make their way through the colorfully animated world. 


Pro Rally Racing (by Gameloft)

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Live the ultimate Rally experience on mobile at the wheel of one of the six most prestigious official cars of the world circuit. Get ready for intense driving sensations in frantic races where you’ll have to use jumps and skid out to the max at each bend to optimize your speed and gain precious seconds over your opponents. Adapt your driving to each type of terrain and push your car past its limits to beat out your competitors and win the most prestigious international races.


  • 6 official cars from prestigious manufacturers (Subaru, Citroën, Ford, Peugeot, Mitsubishi...).
  • Arcade driving accessible to all players, from beginners to Rally fanatics.
  • Driving sensations that vary based on the type of terrain (ground, asphalt, mud, snow, etc.).
  • 7 international sites (England, Norway, Corsica, Mexico, USA, New Zealand...).
  • 5 game modes (Race, Beat the Clock, Duel, Jump Contest, International Championship).

128x128 (S40V2)
128x128 (K300)
128x160 (K500)
130x130 (C65)
132x176 (CX65)
176x220 (K750)
208x208 (6230)
240x320 (K800)
240x320 (S40V3)
240x320 (N95)
352x416 (N80)

Astroboy and Bombs (by Sohu)

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No info ...

language : Russian (Translated)

240x320 (SE/Nokia)

(translated by @BlackWaltz)

Power Control Plus (v1.4)

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Turn on / off almost any setting on your phone, right from your home screen. Power Control Plus is a widget that lets you turn on / off almost any setting on your phone, right from your home screen.

- 7 different widget sizes, including vertical widgets
- 9 different indicator light colors
- Over 30 settings available to toggle (list below)
- Power Control Plus doesn't run in the background, to save battery life
- Edit your widget right from the home screen
- Change background transparency
- Add labels to buttons on the widget
- Add a shortcut to any app on the widget

Full list of settings you can change / toggle:
- Wi-Fi
- Airplane mode
- Flashlight (Android 2.2+)
- 4G (WiMAX, EVO 4G only)
- Silent mode
- Auto-rotate screen
- Vibrate mode
- Vibrate and silent mode
- Bluetooth scan for devices
- Brightness
- Brightness (triple)
- Screen timeout
- Auto-sync
- Wi-Fi sleep policy
- Sound effects
- Haptic feedback
- Bluetooth discoverable
- Keep screen on while plugged in
- Open shortcut
- Input method
- 2G - 3G (only a shortcut to the settings screen)
- Battery (meter, and a shortcut to Battery Use)
- Scan SD card
- Quick Boot / reboot / power off
- Silent mode (and mute media)
- Lock screen
- Wi-Fi tethering (Android 2.2+)
- USB tethering (Android 2.2+)

The below settings are available to toggle, but are buggy and unsupported due to Android security restrictions. Please do not contact us if one of them does not work.
- Cellular data connection (APN switch)
- Cellular data connection

** Please note there is an issue with 0% brightness on the Samsung Fascinate. Do not use the brightness toggle to set the screen brightness to 0%; it may render your device unusable without a factory reset. **


Sonic Spinball (by Sega / EA Mobile)

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Strap on your power sneakers for all-new Sonic moves and tons of Sonic action! Watch as he catapults through the glittering caverns, oozing toxic pools, and boiling lava pits of Dr. Eggman's Veg-o-Fortress! Spring from levers and rocket through the pinball defense system to stop Dr. Eggman's latest evil plan from hatching. Play through 4 stages with authentic pinball physics.


Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik) is once again turning the animals of Mobius into robots using his monstrous contraption, the Veg-O-Fortress. Only Sonic can penetrate the Pinball Defense System to free the animals, retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, and put a stop to Dr. Eggman’s fiendish plans!

(click the download button to see all available versions)

How to sign Symbian Apps and Games

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Symbian has had an added security measure built into OS v9.x phones which required you to sign your Symbian applications before installing them. Only applications and games from trusted developers are pre-signed so that you can install them directly. Everything else has to be signed before installation.

To start signing your Symbian OS9 applications, you first need to get a certificate for your Symbian phone and then sign it using SignSIS.

How to get a Signing Certificate for your Symbian phone
There are two ways to get a signing certificate.

1st method
Just go to and register as a user. Enter your IMEI and you should get a certificate in 10-12 hours.
2nd method
Go to and enter your IMEI and the verification code in the two boxes. The certificate should be generated in 10-12 hours. Just visit the site again and enter your IMEI again to download your certificate.

How to Sign your Symbian Applications using SignSIS
Once you have your certificate, you can sign applications using the SignSIS tool.
Download SignSIS here
Extract the files from the zip archive using WinRAR or WinZip and run SignTool.exe
In the boxes with the chinese text:

#1 Browse and select the SignSIS.exe file
#2 Select the unsigned SIS file
#3 Select the .CER certificate
#4 Select the .KEY key
#5 Browse and select the unsigned SIS file but rename it to something else. This is where the signed file will be saved.

Outlaw Racing 2011 (by Tequila Mobile)

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Outlaw racing 2011 is an amazing, content rich and ridiculously addictive racing game where crossing the finish line is an accomplishment of its own.
Race your opponents in the deadly tournament across 15 unique, real world locations, earn cash and spend it on some ultra cool upgrades including new destructive weapons, turbo boosted engines or shiny death-bringing vehicles!