Retro Games III: 15 in 1 (by Qplaze)

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The most complete collection of simple but exciting games! You will never be bored again with new set of classic games fifteen in one.
Now tanks and more races included in the collection, with two new dynamic skins, providing good old games with an exciting fresh look.
The hottest offer of the New Year!. More is simply impossible!
Game features:
- The most favorable offer fifteen great games at price of one at once;
- Three different skins, simple and stylish graphics that creates unforgettable

game atmosphere;
- Nice music accompanying the game;
- Simple and easy-to-understand controls of all games;
- Excellent operation speed on all phones;
- Favorite gameplay and no needless elements!
- Game is available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish.

Supplied by Dedomil

Nokia Versions

3230 (176x208)
6630 (240x320)
E50 (320x240)