The Escape 3D (by Phonesoft)

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The storyline is simple. You are a prisoner. Your name and conviction are not important. The screws who are escorting you to your cell loose sight of you for a while, giving you the chance to quickly sneak away and find your way out of the prison. Beware! Time is counting down, so do not get caught!

The aim of the player is to finish particular levels within the time limit and escape from the prison. The more quickly the player finishes particular levels, the higher the score he/she gains. The order of the levels is randomly generated, which means that a new game is never the same as the previous one. The game is based on the principles of Sokoban in 3D, where you walk through a labyrinth and have to move boxes so that you do not block your way out.

The graphics of this game is really incredible, e.g. especially in Nokia phones with the resolution of 352 x 416, e.g. E60, where the 3D graphics is comparable with the graphics of computer games.

Download / Изтегли:

128x128 / FR (K300)
128x160 / CZ (K500)
176x208 / CZ (N70)
176x220 / EN (K750)
208x208 / CZ (6230)
240x320 / EN (6131)
240x320 / DE (K800)