Mr. and Mrs. Tarzan (by RealArcade & Mr.Goodliving)

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You Tarzan, she Jane in this hilarious new mobile game featuring
the Lord of the Jungle! As Tarzan it's up to you to keep Mrs.
Tarzan happy in your jungle home.

Run household errands, dodge dangerous animals, find missing items, and
do whatever else it takes to keep Jane happy in
over 20 captivating levels.
You'll have to be quick on your feet and your vine, though,
because the jungle is full of surprises and hidden dangers
like killer bees, slithering
snakes, hungry plants, and more!

Featuring gorgeous jungle environments, fun challenges,
comical characters, and incredible animations, Mr. and Mrs.
Tarzan is a wonderful adventure for your mobile phone.
Get Mr. and Mrs. Tarzan for your mobile phone today and remember,
a happy wife means a happy life

Language : English

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