3D Chess (by Net Lizard)

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Welcome to the good old and known to every schoolboy, but a very
popular game - "Chess"!For all fans of modern "Chess", beginners and
experienced chess grandmasters .Want to challenge the skilful
artificial intelligence?Do you have a unique opportunity to beat a
virtual opponent, and then do away with a real opponent on the
BlueTooth link.

Main characteristics:

- high level of artificial intelligence
- 3 levels of complexity
- ability to play with virtual and real life opponents
- real two-player game via BlueTooth channel
- choice of 2D and 3D game
- lots of chess board, background and chess-men choices
- immediate game save and load functions in both: one-player or multi-player games

RLS Date: OUT!

Download / Изтегли:

128x160 (K500)
176x220 (W810)
240x320 (K800)

(install via JAD file)