Rune’s Quest (By Inlogic)

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Dark forces and witches‘ magic are lurking and waiting for you in the latest game from Inlogic software, called Rune’s Quest. Fight the magic, train your logic and avert the evil by using your skills and vigilance! As reward you will get different bonuses and effects which are awaiting you in various levels of this new unique game.

Banská Bystrica, 28 August 2009: Inlogic software, s.r.o. presents its new logic game called Rune’s Quest. Its motif is a logic task. Once the player solves it, he goes further to the next level. The game is linked to the magic theme which makes the application unique and appropriate for all age groups.

“In this game we have joined the mysticism and logic and by this means we have shifted it further. There has not been anything similar in our game catalogue so far.” says Ján Kalafut, Head of Business of the company Inlogic Software s.r.o. and adds: “It will definitely attract the clients, it is a very addictive game. It attracts all of us.”

Become white witch at least for a short period of time and save the world from the new dark forces coming down to the Earth. When passing from one level to another use your vigilance, cunning as well as strategy and at last detain the evil and put it there where it should remain. The aim of the game is to collect groups of runes of same colour and increase so your score. Various bonuses will help you on your way towards victory. The whole game is enhanced by various interesting effects which are a feast for they eyes and that’s why it should lack in your mobile phone.

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