NOM (by Gamevil)

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Rotate your phone? But why...? Now there's a reason to with Nom! Follow the non-stop action and rotate your phone to the right, to the left, and even upside down as Nom runs, leaps, fights, and performs other amazing feats on all sides of your mobile phone's screen! Nom's modern yet simple design and game play will keep you continuously entertained as you're grooving through the game jamming to Nom's funky beats. The action just keeps running - everywhere!

- One button game play - do everything with just one hand and one button!
- Intriguing design - leap onto all four sides of your
screen and rotate your mobile phone as you play!
- Fight enemies, kiss your girl, and do other off-the-wall
things in this easy and intriguing game for anyone to play!
- Find your rhythm and groove as you master the timing
techniques essential to just keep on running!
- Run through all ten stages in this never before seen
unique and addictive game that you just can't find anywhere else.
- Find out who's the best and upload your high scores
onto the leaderboard on GAMEVIL LIVE!

Gameplay Video:


128x128 (K300)
128x160 (K500)
176x208 (N70)
176x220 (K700)
240x320 (K800)
352x416 (N80)