Motoraver 3D (by Fishlabs)

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You are magically attracted to the bright lights of the big city.
You're new in town and have to earn some respect with the dudes on the
street. Illegal races are held in the harbour, downtown or even in the
suburbs every night. Now you have to prove your "drive style."

Motoraver™ – First-rate racing game with gripping illegal night time races in a huge city!

* 3D racing game with different mission objectives
* Vast city with several districts
* Story mode with cut scenes
* Free mode for cruising
* Extensive selection of cool cars

You climb into the hottest cars, get through illegal time
qualifications and checkpoint races, and have lots of high-speed car
chases with the police. If you get caught you're done. If you manage to
escape you will secure the respect of the "Motoravers" and a phat party
with cool music and hot babes will be waiting for you at the end.

Display your drive style and make the night time city streets your own!

Motoraver 3D (Multiscreen) SE Version
Motoraver 3D (Multiscreen) S40 version