Metal Slug Mobile Impact (by I-Play)

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The second of i-Play's conversions of the classic horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up series. This one contains elements of the first three coin-op titles, and has helicopter and tank driving sections as well as the usual run, jump and shoot bits. Visuals are improved over the original mobile rendition, and there seems to be a more committed attempt to capture the sick humour of the arcade originals (you can, for example, ignite enemy soldiers with your flamethrower and watch them run away on fire... You sort of have to be there.

Download / Изтегли:

128x128 : S40 2ed Eng
128x128 : SE K,J,Z300 Eng
JAR | JAD [98 Кб]
128x160 : S40 2ed Eng
128x160 : SE K310,K500,K510,W200,Z530 Eng
176x208 : S60 2ed Eng
176x220 : SE K700,K750 Eng
176x220 : SE K550,K610,W350,W810,Z710 Eng
208x208 : S40 2ed Eng
JAR | JAD [149 Кб]
132x176 : SIE x65-75 Eng
JAR | JAD [96 Кб]
240x320 : S40 3ed Eng
240x320 : S60 3ed Eng
240x320 : SE K770,K800,S500,T650,W850 Eng
JAR | JAD [150 Кб]