Metal Gear Acid 2 (by GLU / Konami)

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The award-winning Metal Gear Acid returns to your mobile! In the
extended sequel of this tactical turn-based game, you play as Snake and
the mysterious female agent Venus. With a highly improved graphics
engine, Metal Gear Acid 2 delivers a genuine gaming experience into the
Metal Gear universe!

SE version:
Arrow k550(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow k750(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow k800 3D(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow k810 3D(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow k850 3D(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow w810(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow w910 3D(speedyshare) | mediafire

Nokia version:
Arrow e71(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow n80(speedyshare) | mediafire
Arrow n95 3D(speedyshare) | mediafire