Guns, Wheels & Madheads 2 (by QPlaze)

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They fight on ruins of the past.
Sand of radioactive deserts melts under armored wheels of their battle cars, under rays of heavy lasers and fire of plasma guns,
melts of their rage and despair, of hate and fear, and clouds boil
above places of their battles, and drops of poison rain evaporate
before they reach the ground.

Their fuzzy edges pass by fuel forts and fortified cities; pass before objectives of automatic cameras and barrels of heavy guns
protecting peace of survivors in the last war. News talk about them,
worldwide information network watches them, mobile cameras track every
their step from the sky covered with dust.

Chicago Prime was burning for 16 days, all this time my lads have
been killing and robbing on its streets. Now let somebody say that I –
Shark Rob - am not baron of roads! I’ve lost many people in this raid,
but our plunder is rich too. Gold, platinum and fuel elements make our
car slow – cops are beside, but I can hear talks on mercenaries’
frequency – King of Chicago gives 20 000 liters of fuel for my head.
Now, nobody can stop me,… I only have to get rid of these chasers and
go back to Arizona.


They’ll see only things they will be shown – battles and death.
They will read names on electronic planes of totalizator, in announcements of future show. But they will never know, what’ve been feeling those who were looking
on the world through electronic screens of battle cars, those who
prefer to burn, not long, but still bright.

Име: Guns, Wheels & Madheads 2
Жанр: Игра, Java, Състезателни
Размер на экрана: 240x320
Размер на файла: 261 Килобайта СВАЛИ ОТ ТУК

Производител: Qplaze
Език: Руски

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