EDGE Mobile (by Connect2Media)

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The award winning graphics and gameplay in EDGE has you guiding your cube around a maze of moving platforms and shapes with either your finger, phone keys or by tilting your phone todirect the flow of your cube (depending on handset). With narrow passageways, falling ledges, and blocks charging after you every other moment, you never quite feel safe. There's always a feeling that the edge you're so finely balanced on could slip from beneath you, and this thrilling game play is enough to keep you moving and hooked. If the sublime graphics weren't enough EDGE's soundtrack adds to the atmosphere.


Game Features:

  • Awarded the Milthon Best Mobile Game Award, best Independent Mobile Game and BAFTA nominated
  • 43 increasingly tricky levels filled with traps, pitfalls and falls into oblivion*
  • Motion, tilt and touch controls*
  • Unique visual 3D style, gameplay and soundtrack
  • Take full control of the cube and become an EDGE Master
  • Become a master EDGE gamer and unlock 3 extra hardcore levels

Download / Изтегли:

176x208 (N70)