Earthworm Jim (by Gameloft)

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One of the all-time most iconic video game characters is now coming to
mobile! Gameloft's remake brings the 1994 iconic run-and-gun platform
game that conquered millions of fans with components all reworked to
fit the best standards on mobile. Master Jim's powers in a wacky quest
throughout the galaxy to rescue Princess What's-Her-Name, and defeat
your arch-enemy, Psy-Crow! Explore the crazy universe that offers
tremendous gameplay possibilities, surprising characters and cult
soundtrack that built the success of this unique game.

- Use Jim's body as a whip, bungee jump, throw cows, blast through rocket-speed levels and more!
- Reworked design to suit the mobile platform, while keeping the original essence of the classic game
- Diversified gameplay: Side-scrolling run & gun, space racing, bungee jumping and underwater levels
- Fight a wide range of colorful enemies
- Explore 13 levels through 6 environments with refreshed graphics
- The original challenging difficulty level, plus an easier one, will satisfy both retro and casual gamers

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English Versions

176x220 K700
240x320 W910
S40v2 128x128
S40v2 128x160
S40v2 208x208
S40v3 240x320
S40v5 128x160
S60v2 176x208
S60v3 240x320 N73 600Kb
S60v3 240x320 N73 1Mb
S60v3 240x320 N95 1Mb
S60v3 320x240
S60v3 352x416
S60v5 360x640

Russian Versions:
240x320 1MB
240x320 1MB W910
S40v3 240x320

Release Date: 4th. Q. 2009