Crash Bandicoot : Mutant Island (by Vivendi Mobile)

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Sequel to Crash of the Titans sees Crash returning to tame more mutants
then use their special abilities against all sorts of platformer

Mobile gamers will be interested to know that Crash is returning with
another 2D side-scroller, Mutant Island. The game is being developed by
Glu Mobile and it doesn't look that different from the mobile version
of Crash of the Titans. Mutant Island appears to be the latest in the
line of mobile 2D Crash sidescrollers. Crash will retain his ability to
control large mutants and harness their powers to progress. Platforming
will be present and Crash will venture through different worlds, some
of which can be seen in the screenshots above (a castle, a dungeon and
a big ol' tree, respectively). And the rest is speculation.

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