Bridge Bloxx 2 (by Handy-Games)

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Travel to the most dangerous and mysterious worlds and use
extraterrestrial materials to create tracks for impressive vehicles!
Use your brain and build new or repair existent bridges within
high-tech cities, dense jungles and strange crystal mountains! Train
your creativity and speed thinking to get the most precious awards of
the universe and help alien beings to cross deepest valleys! Don’t let
yourself be stopped by the badly designed constructions of your
primitive predecessors and blast their work into outer space! Rule over
the galaxy… in the innovative way!

  • Tricky bridge construction simulation for puzzle experts
  • 30 innovative levels to stimulate your brain
  • Futuristic settings on exotic planets
  • Easy fault diagnostics through signal lamps and replay function
  • Unlockable achievements and medals for ambitious architects
  • Various materials and special parts
  • Multi-level bridges for doubled riddle fun
Arrow 176x220 (se k750i)
Arrow 240x320 (s60v3)
Arrow n70
Arrow 5500
Arrow n80
Arrow n95

RUS Arrow k300_k500
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