Brain Challenge 3: Think Again! (by Gameloft)

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Brain Challenge 3: Think Again! is the most comprehensive brain
training program on your mobile, providing a fully rounded brain
workout. Train your brain in the classic brain exercise categories of
Memory, Visual, Logic and Math, as well as innovative categories
exclusive to Gameloft’s Brain Challenge series: Stress Relief, Focus
and the never-before-seen Visual Training. Do you feel like your vision
has been affected by extensive use of computers, TVs, and reading small
print? It might be time for a consultation with our in-game coach!


A total of 35 mini-games (30 of which are totally new) ensuring hours of fun brain challenges.
25 mini-games to boost your math, logic, memory and focus skills.
5 mini-games to reduce stress and help you relax.
5 new mini-games in the Visual Training category to prevent eyesight loss.
An improved coaching system to ensure the most personalized brain development program.
Cute and fresh graphics make this game a visual treat.


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