BomberXmen (by Falcon Mobile)

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You are a combat unit of the army, made with the top science and technology acheivments - a cyborg assassin. Sent to free the world from evil spirits, you will have to fight real creations of hell, terrible monsters and mutants, semi-machines and semi-humans who completely lost their human qualities. You will have to work hard to stay alive on the way to the victory. For each opponent that you kill you will receive money, which you may spend on improving your cyborg’s characteristics and enlarge your weapon structure. But stay on alert: do not turn your weapon against yourself as you may easily trip your own bomb. The opponents will be harder with each level, as well as there will be new and stronger monsters. You should be patient since the game has more than 35 levels in several locations. Weapons: There are several types of weapons at your disposal. The most powerful of them is the bomb, which has the strongest destructive effect. In a cyborg’s weapon structure there is also an electric and magnetic gun which strikes your opponents a long distance.


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