Air Strike 1944: Flight for Freedom (by Gameloft)

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Take control of Air Strike 1944: Flight for Freedom, the ultimate
mobile shoot'em up game set in a wacky, thrilling world. Choose one of
the three available planes and go up against the mysterious Darkstein's
troops in intense aerial combat! Each plane is directly inspired by
WWII's most legendary fighter aircrafts and provides a different gaming
You won't have a chance to rest as you discover nine levels with varied
settings and missions! Fight above the UK coast, protect London from
air raids or take part in the Normandy landings.

But before you reach Darkstein's secret base, you'll have to face a
multitude of various enemies: planes, tanks, helicopters, bunkers, not
to mention terrifying bosses with destructive fire power. You won't be
powerless up against these opponents though. Throughout your journeys,
you'll be able collect lots of bonuses (power-up, rockets, bombs,
shields, etc.) and crush whatever comes your way!

- The ultimate take on the cult shoot'em up genre:
you won't find more intense action and diversity (4 planes, 9
environments, 15 different kinds of enemies, and 5 bosses) in any other
- The cutest graphics and an impressive high-speed feeling at the controls of the machinery.
- A comic-style, original and fantasy set-up... with Air Strike 1944™, WWII has never seemed so thrilling!
- Totally spectacular battles, thanks to lots of devastating weapons and destructible settings.

(original versions only)


S30 96x65
S40v2 128x160
S40v3 128x160
S40v3 240x320
S40v5 128x160
S60v1 176x208
S60v2 176x208
S60v3 240x320
S60v3 320x240

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