High Speed 3D (by Herocraft / Apetrus)

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Get ready to take to the streets in High Speed 3D, finally the true street racing experience has arrived on your phone. With 20 tracks to race, 9 cars to choose from and a whole host of customisations there ’s plenty here for the petrol-head to tinker with. Real driving physics, insane drifts and nitrous boosts and some of the most visually stunning locations to drive around, High Speed 3D has it all. In-game ads by innerActive (requires data connection).

Stunning gameplay dynamics
Realistic game phisics
Real street-racing atmosphere
Gripping criminal plotline
Plenty of racing variations
More then 50 gripping races in the career regime
Unique graphical effects
Personal statistics and on-line racing option
20 tracks in 4 worlds
9 unique cars
Tuning to any taste
All game personages are presented by real actors
Touch screen support
Accelerometer control!


128x160 : S40 2ed Rus
JAD [399 B]
128x160 : SE K310,K320,K500,K510,W200,W300,Z530 Rus
JAD [371 B]
176x208 : S60 2ed Rus
JAD [370 B]
176x220 : SE K550,K610,W350,W810,Z710 Rus
JAD [371 B]
176x220: SAM D500,E380,E500 Rus
JAD [309 B]
240x320 : S40 3ed Rus
JAD [400 B]
240x320 : S60 3ed Rus
JAD [370 B]
240x320 : SAM D600,D800,D900Rus
JAD [379 B]
240x320 : SE K770,K790,K800,S500,T650,W850 Rus
JAD [371 B]
240x320 : SE W910,C905 Rus
JAD [371 B]
Motion sensor
240x320 : SE K850,W760,W910 Rus
ZIP [1299 KB] 

240x320 : SAM D600,D800,D900 Rus
JAD [371 B]
320х240 : S60 3ed Rus
JAD [370 B]
352x416 : S60 3ed Rus
JAD [414 B]

note: if you see that page from your phones browser , 
you can install the game directly to your phone by clicking on the JAD file