3D Real Mahjong (by Q-Plaze)

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3D Real Mahjong

Modern realization of ancient China game legacy, proceeding to surprise us over and over again. Captivating and completely 3D logical game immersing you into the world of hieroglyphs, clicking counters and relaxing music.

3D Real Mahjong 3D Real Mahjong 3D Real Mahjong
As in classical mahjong, your aim is to combine counters with the same images by pairs, making them disappear. There is one, but very important distinction, brought by 3D era – now you can turn and turn over the pyramid, taking her to pieces from up and down. This way you can play with two pyramids simultaneously, this is unusual but very easy.
You deal with 30 double pyramids, and beautiful landscapes as a background for playing.
And excellent graphics, pleasant sound, intuitive and understandable rules – is there something else letting you spend your time in a good way?

•    Light and pleasant gameplay relaxing your nerves;
•    Excellent and bright 3D graphics;
•    Intuitive and simple gameplay;
•    Stylish and beautiful art design;
•    Ancient puzzle requiring persistence and logical thinking, and causing steady addiction to the game;