BeyBlade: GRevolution (by Living Mobile)

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This action game with role-playing elements brings the fascinating world of Beyblades to your cell phone. As Tyson you fight to qualify for the big Beyblade tournament. Explore the city in search of friends, opponents and quests. Win battles to gather experience and unlock new areas and enemies.

The exciting story takes you to over more than 20 different locations where you will have to pit your skills against Bladers you know and strangers on your way to your goal. Kai, Ray and Daichi from the TV series are there too. Play against them to learn the tricks you'll need to know to win.

You can win your Beyblades in battles or buy them from special dealers. There you will also find rings and other accessories you can use to tune them for even more exciting battles. A realistic physics engine provides thrilling battles. This way you can earn yourself a full set of Beyblades and use them to win the tournament.