Mayhem's Magic Dust (by Infinite Lives)

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  Mayhem awoke one morning from a blissful nights sleep to find Monsterland overrun by evil creatures. Mayhem's mission is to rid Spottyland of all these ghastly monsters, collecting as much MAGIC DUST as possible to give him extra powers when he attacks his enemies... Not an easy job, especially for a cute baby dinosaur.

The aim of each level is to find and destroy the big Boss. As you travel through a level kill enemies by jumping on their heads, which release bags of MAGIC DUST. For each bag of MAGIC DUST Mayhem holds he gets one STAR STRIKE (power attack). Each time he performs a STAR STRIKE the amount of MAGIC DUST decreases by one. These attacks are extendable if you chain your attacks between enemies without landing on the ground. With each different enemy chained the Star Strike increases in power and score, essential for the big Boss battles


Mayhem's Magic Dust PLUS (Multiscreen)
This is a three level demo of an improved version of a game. 
An easy mode has been added and the range of handsets improved.